Mike Ardelean announced today that he was “relieved of his duties” at Mosh shortly after leaving his position with Giant Bicycles. Following his departure from the parts brand, several of the team riders left as well. It’s not every day half of a team up and leaves, so we hit up Ardelean and the new Mosh team manager Heath Pinter to get to the bottom of this.

– An Interview With Mike Ardelean –

About two months ago we talked to you right when you left Giant Bicycles to work for Quicksilver. When asked what your role would still be with Mosh, this is what you had to say…
“Nothing is set in stone. All I can say is that I’m going to be involved to whatever extent I can to make sure our momentum stays up. Good things are happening at Giant and Mosh. Heath and I will do whatever it takes to keep stepping that up. That’s how we’ve always done it.”
So although nothing was set in stone, did you anticipate you leaving the parts brand of Giant (Mosh), or was this a surprise?
It was a surprise. At the time I said that, I believed it was true; that’s what they told me. I put my everything into that brand, so of course I still wanted to help. But, they don’t owe me anything. I told them I was going to quit the job whether Giant/Mosh kept me as a rider or not. So of course getting dropped was a possibility.

After eight years with the brand, was it a bad break? How did it all come about?
It was just a misunderstanding. Heath has completely different ideas for what Mosh should be. If I had known that, would I have spent those years trying to make Mosh a certain thing? Probably not, but you live and you learn.

Did the entire team leave, or did some riders stay? Is there anyone left behind to handle things at Mosh?
Nah, some guys are still there. Heath is the guy in charge. Rich Hirsch did an amazing job with the website and videos and I’m sure he still will. Peace and all the best to Heath and KD.

Changing subjects a wee bit, did we hear correctly that you just got on Verde?
Yup. Steve Buddendeck was my first sponsor ever, via DK, ten years ago. So now, I figured I’d rep his thing or nothing at all. I’m flattered that this worked out. I love what those guys do and I used to wish I could be involved. Now I can.

You seem to always have your hands in a ton of different things, so will you only be a team rider, or will you be doing more with them?
Haha, I’m simplifying. I don’t want to have my hands in everything. I work in clothing and I ride for fun. I’ll rep Verde in any way possible, by riding for them and whatever else I can do, but Steve and Cory and Barrett have it handled.

Anything else we are leaving out? Fill us in!
It’s February 14th. I’m cooking Halibut and steamed asparagus tonight, so I’ve gotta get home and get this bottle of Laurent Perrier on chill.

– An Interview With Heath Pinter –

We’ve talked to Ardelean recently, but haven’t had anything with you on the site in a while, so fill us in as to your position at Giant Bicycles and Mosh parts.
My position at Mosh and Giant has always been the team manager. Ihave been at it since 1999.

I assume you and Ardelean were good friends after working and riding together for so long, and he was obviously an integral part of the brands…what’s it like having him out of the picture with the company?
Mike and I have been on the same team for over eight years and close friends the whole time. Having Mike leave the program has been hard in many ways; he was a great fit at both brands. Not having Mike there will make things different, but we will keep on moving.

What will be changing on your end in the near future at the company?
As for now, im picking up the slack. Mike had a full plate, most of that has been passed on to me for now. Moving forward I would like to get baack to focusing on the team and new product.

It’s pretty shocking when nearly an entire team leaves at the same time, so give us your thoughts about the situation and what will happen moving forward with the brand and team.
To start the whole team has not left. Mike was close to the guys and it has been no surprise to me that some of the team riders would be uncomfortable without him there. Rich Hirch, Jesse Whaley, Corey Bohan, Wolfman and myself are still there and we have added Sean Sexton and Brett Walker. It has been a wild time, but looking forward I’m real excited about the team we have and feel grateful to have the guys.

Anything else?
I would like to thank everyone who has ever been a part of Mosh and wish them the best. Most importantly, I would like to thank the team we still have and Sean and Brett for being a fresh start for us. I’m real excited to do new things at Mosh.

– A Statement From Former Mosh Team Rider Ian Schwartz –
“With Mike leaving, Mosh just seemed like it was going to go in a different direction and the team was changing a lot. It was just something that I wasn’t comfortable with anymore, so we decided to part ways. There are no hard feelings though…” – Ian