Every rider brought the heat in the Mongoose Jam Park Finals. Kevin Peraza, Dennis Enarson, Daniel Sandoval, Tyler Fernengel, Andy Buckworth, Logan Martin and many more…check the highlights!

Park Comp Top Five Individual Results:

  1. Kevin Peraza (Team Peraza)
  2. Dennis Enarson (Team Wallace)
  3. Daniel Sandoval (Team McCann)
  4. Tyler Fernengel (Team Illingworth)
  5. Andy Buckworth (Team McCann)

Overall Team Standings (Day 2):

  1. Team Peraza – 194.7
  2. Team Wallace – 188.7
  3. Team McCann – 184.7
  4. Team Illingworth – 174
  5. Team Ryan – 170

If you missed it, here’s the Dirt Finals highlight vid…


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