Hoooooly crap. You’d think you would have seen it all out of Lot 8, but the Mongoose Jam delivers a more wild event than even I expected. Baldock and Alex Coleborn are machines, Peraza’s front flip and that g-turn, Kenneth Tencio’s flair drop-in, and of course, Bezanson being a complete maniac. This is one is insane.

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Camp Woodward’s Lot 8 saw riders ripping through it again on Wednesday for the 2014 Mongoose Jam Park Competition.  The first Mongoose Jam event featured 27 riders, including 22 of the world’s best pros and all five amateur Woodward campers selected from Tuesday’sLucky Camper Competition.

Each rider was given 40 seconds and three runs to throw down, with the best session counting as their final score. Riders were scored by a panel of three judges who focused on the number and difficulty of tricks, along with the guys’ unique ride style. The Park Competition wasn’t always about the trick, but the line the rider took to land it.

The Woodward campers brought it to the Park Competition proving that they can hang with the pros. Team McCann’s Freddie Smith showed off some unique and off-axis backflip bar spins while Team Wallace’s Jack Mould landed a back flip tail whip into a bar spin. Team Ryan’s Shane Goldsmid hit a cork 720, and a barrel roll during his runs.

Monster highlights from the pros included Kyle Baldock’s 1080, though, his third attempt, and Daniel Sandoval’s 360 downside tail whip to double bar spin. At the end of the Park session, it was Mongoose team captain Kevin Peraza that came away with the win – during his run he landed a huge stalled out front flip, decade air on the quarter, a superman seatgrab on the step-up and much more.

Next up, the Street Competition, which will take place on Thursday. Mongoose Jam ends Fridaywith the Dirt Competition, where it will be decided which team takes home the largest portion of the $50,000 prize purse. Get live updates at http://www.mongoose.com/usa/jam/.


Park Comp Top Five Individual Results

  1.        Kevin Peraza (Team Peraza, Mongoose)
  2.        Alex Coleborn (Team Wallace)
  3.        Daniel Dhers (Team McCann)
  4.        Drew Bezanson (Team Ryan)
  5.        Daniel Sandoval (Team McCann)


Overall Team Standings (Day 1)

  1.        Team McCann (100)
  2.        Team Peraza (90)
  3.        Team Wallace (80)
  4.        Team Ryan (70)
  5.        Team Illingworth (60)”