Not the original plan, but due to some weather, the Dirt Jam ended up being the last event at the 2014 Mongoose Jam. The weather was perfect, the vibe was great, and tons of dope riding went down. Check the highlights and results…


“The 2014 Mongoose Jam Dirt Competition wrapped up at the Camp Woodward dirt course on Friday.  The results decided which team would take the glory and bragging rights as well as the largest portion of the $50,000 prize.

At 12PM EST, the entire camp gathered to watch the pros and their fellow campers compete for the win. Everyone cheered as they watched Drew Bezanson (Team Ryan) nail a never-before-seen no handed backflip peg grab. The crowd got even rowdier as Kenneth Tencio attempted a backflip superman seat grab to tailwhip for the fans. However, it was Daniel Sandoval (Team McCann) who took first in the Dirt Competition. Not only was it his wicked downside whip 360 to barspin, but also his variety of tricks, execution, and solid runs that landed him at the top of the leaderboard.

After a solid day of tearing up the dirt, and as scores were tallied, Camp Woodward BMX campers were sent on the hunt for a hidden pedal belonging to Greg Illingworth. The pedal was part of the bike which he rode last year, and this year, it was given to a lucky camper.

In the end, riders met to hear which team was going home with the win. Team Peraza was amped on hearing their names announced – taking home First Place at the Mongoose Jam. Team Peraza totaled the most points overall in Dirt, Park, and Street. Pro Matt Ray (Team Wallace), and former camper, took home M.V.R. (Most Valuable Rider) for his awesome riding and was awarded a Mongoose Teocali mountain bike.

All of the Mongoose Jam amateurs went home with a custom, American-made Mongoose frame, a brand new GoPro 3+, and awesome Mongoose swag. In addition, camper Jackie Straiton (Team Peraza), who pulled a barspin to tuck no hander, was also awarded a free week at Woodward.

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Dirt Comp Top Five Individual Results:

  1. Daniel Sandoval
  2. Kyle Baldock
  3. TJ Ellis
  4. Jeremiah Smith
  5. Kevin Peraza


2014 Mongoose Jam Final Results:

  1. Team Peraza – 280
  2. Team McCann – 260
  3. Team Wallace – 230
  4. Team Ryan – 220
  5. Team Illingworth  – 210″