Pros and Ams ripped Woodward West's Hangar apart during today's Park Competition at the Mongoose Jam. The Ams looked at home in the Hangar landing tons of tricks with ease while campers came out to cheer them on. Standout’s included Team Wallace's Chase Pauza, Team Ryan's Felipe Trujillo, and Team Illingworth's Bryce Tyron. But once the Pros hit the floor the crowd really went nuts. Highlights included Andy Buckworth's double backflips over the spine and Tyler Fernengel's truckdriver off the wall into the banked landing. Daniel Sandoval served up a multitude of multiple tailwhip and barspin combos. Powerhouse Dennis Enarson road the course like he owned it, and an insane alley-oop wallride secured his place in second. However, it was Kevin Peraza who won the day with his signature superman seatgrabs, a 360 downside tailwhip transfer, and plenty more sick moves all over the park.

Mongoose Jam wraps up tomorrow with the Street Competition which will determine the team that will go home with the largest portion of the $50,000 prize purse. In addition, each amateur will take home a new GoPro; a custom, American-made Mongoose frame; and tons of other Mongoose swag.

Park Comp Top Five Individual Results

  1.        Kevin Peraza (Team Peraza)
  2.        Dennis Enarson (Team Wallace)
  3.        Daniel Sandoval (Team McCann)
  4.        Tyler Fernengel (Team Illingworth)
  5.        Andy Buckworth (Team McCann)

Overall Team Standings (Day 1)

  1.        Team Peraza – 194.7
  2.        Team Wallace – 188.7
  3.        Team McCann – 184.7
  4.        Team Illingworth – 174
  5.        Team Ryan – 170

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