Headwinds didn't stop pros and campers from ripping on Woodward West's dirt jumps during the 2015 Mongoose Jam Dirt Competition. The week's first Jam event featured nineteen riders, including 15 of the world's top pros and four amateur Woodward campers selected from Tuesday's Lucky Camper Competition. Each rider was given three runs to throw down and were scored by a panel of three judges who were focused on the athletes' best run. The top two scores per team counted toward the day's final scoring.

The Campers turned it up at the dirt jumps proving they can hang with the pros. Team McCann's Adrian Evans showed off his cool style which included a smooth can-can one hander while Team Illingworth's Bryce Tryon got rad on the big line with an X-Up to barspin transfer. Team Wallace's Chase Pauza hit a smooth X-Up into a turndown. Mega highlights from the pros included Ben Wallace's (Team Wallace) clicked 360 lookbacks and dialed double whips; and Daniel Sandoval's (Team McCann) impressive truck driver to downside tailwhip. Logan Martin (Team Wallace) boosted all his tricks which included a downside 360 double whip. Team Captain Kevin Peraza hit a really stretched superman seatgrab as always with a huge smile on his face. At the end of the day, however, it was Pat Casey (Team Peraza) who walked away with the win after a massive downside 360 tailwhip, barspin to tailwhip among other hard tricks throughout the course.

Next up, the 2015 Mongoose Jam heads back to the Hangar for the Park Competition, which takes place later today. The Jam ends on Friday with the Street Competition, where it will be decided which team takes home the largest portion of the $50,000 prize purse.

Dirt Comp Top Five Individual Results:

  1. Pat Casey
  2. Kevin Peraza
  3. Logan Martin
  4. Daniel Sandoval
  5. Ben Wallace

2015 Mongoose Jam Final Results:

  1. Team Peraza – 100
  2. Team Wallace – 94
  3. Team McCann – 90
  4. Team Illingworth – 87
  5. Team Ryan – 85

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