Psyched that we get to debut this Anthony Derosa edit. I first met Anthony when he came out to Cali with Sean Ricany and he was a typical little New Jersey meatball; full of jokes and straight to the shit talk within minutes of meeting him. What didn’t stand out is how damn good he is. Our days riding were limited, but Anthony is a little powerhouse and you can see his race background shining through. Enjoy.

“Anthony’s progression level has grown so much in the last couple years from being number one in the nation for racing to killing it riding street. I remember seeing him at the park as a little kid and you could just see one day he’d be killing it with whichever route he took with riding. You don’t come across many riders where the filmer can call something crazy out almost joking and then they just do it. Anthony is one of the riders that you can say do this crazy line and he’ll push through the pain and frustration to get it. His dedication to filming is more then motivating. Expect to see more from Anthony in the near future.” —Bryan Carter