While Sean Ricany was in Florida last year Brett Rholfing was able to film a solid edit with him at a few parks and street spots. The little guy is a freakin’ shredder but hasn’t been featured on this site much, so we did a little Top 5s interview to go along with the video.

Video by Brett Rholfing.

Top 5s

Name: Sean Ricany
Age: 14
Location: Toms River, New Jersey
Sponsors: Staff-BMX, Premium Products, Osiris Shoes, Arnette Sunglasses

5 Great things about where I grew up:

– Staff BMX and Lakewood skatepark are my local hangout, only being ten minutes away.
– Tons of super supportive and great friends I met growing up in Jersey.
–  Beach is awesome in the summer.
– The BMX scene is awesome—so many kids that ride.
– Area 51/Ronny Brown’s trails.

5 Not-so-great things about where I grew up:
– Some people not from Jersey think we are a bunch of fist-pumping guidos.
– The winters kinda suck. It gets really cold, but lately it’s been high 40's and low 50's.
– Spots can tend to be spread out—kinda a bummer driving spot to spot instead of riding.
– Some people around here tend to take a joke to seriously.
– Lots of kids acting like hardasses ’cause they play football and lift a few metal bars.

5 Favorite spots to ride:
– My backyard mini.
– Incline Club skatepark.
– Area 51/Ronny Brown’s/John Jenning’s trails.
– South River skatepark—a park about 45 minutes from my house, but fun in the summer.
– After school in the winter, on a nice day I occasionally ride my driveway and have some fun for sure, haha.

Lil' Sean doing one of his favorite tricks at the 2009 Salt Lake City Free Flow Tour. Photo by Fat.

Lil' Sean doing one of his favorite tricks at the 2009 Salt Lake City Free Flow Tour. Photo by Fat.

5 Riders I’m stoked on:
– Dennis Eanerson
– Kevin Kiraly
– Ty Morrow
– Garrett Reynolds
– Corey Martinez

5 Favorite movies:
– Stepbrothers
– The Hangover
– Superbad
– Big Daddy
– Happy Gilmore

5 Albums or artists I can’t get enough of:

– The Misfits
– Jack’s Mannequin
– Something Corporate
– M83
– KiD CuDi

5 Things I do when not riding:
–  Tweet. Twitter is the best.
– Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
– Surf/skim board.
– Surf the web.
– Chill with the doggies.

5 Pet peeves:
– Won’t go on the bus without my iPhone. I need music on the bus. Can’t deal with the bus.
– Cranks have to be tight, not spin more than half rotation. I hate doing whips and having my cranks move and destroying my shins.
– Kids’ shirts being baggy.
– Good sticker job.
– Soft tires.

5 Last people I called:
– Mom
– Mom
– Some chick on my bus to see why the bus was mad late.
– My house.
– My friend Louie.

5 Favorite foods:
– Pizza
– Strawberry frosted donuts.
– Tacos
– Crackers and peanut butter.
– I drink lots of iced tea.

5 Most fun tricks to do:
– Barspins
– Tucks
– 540s
– Tailwhips
– Footjam variations.

5 Places I want to travel to:
– Spain
– Australia
– Mexico
– Brazil
– China

5 Spots to chill:
– Beach
– Staff-BMX shop to chat about new stuff.
– Boardwalk…mess with guidos in the summer.
– My house with some homies.
– Anyone’s house with an Xbox.

5 Best video parts:
– Josh Stricker, S&M
– Chase Dehart, Stay Fit
– Mike Aitken, Stay Fit
– The whole Nike video.
– Sean Burns, Dead Bang

5 Most recent purchases:
– School lunch.
– FSA headset.
– Chapstick.
–  A donut and tea from Dunkin Donuts.
– Technically I don’t purchase anything. My parents do…

5 Pros I looked up to when I started riding:
– Scotty Cranmer
– Garrett Reynolds
– Diogo Canina
– Brian Foster
– Corey Martinez