Some of New Jersey’s Looking For Spots crew made their way out west for a dose of that unbeatable SoCal winter weather and to ride some bikes. Jeff With Glasses, Mike Kleissler, Steve Jones, and Mike “Smallfry” Almodovar met up with SoCal LFS transplant Dan Diehl for a week in California hitting up plenty of famous spots—and a few cutty joints as well.

“To escape the cold weather, Mike Kleissler, Steve Jones, Smallfry [Mike Almodovar] and myself took a trip out to ride bikes in California. Luckily, we just missed the catastrophic rain storms caused by the El Niño event and had a week of dry days to ride. We had a plan (which was actually a really loose idea) of what we were going to do and where we were going to go. Prior to the trip, we did a ton of research trying to find spots using the powers of the Internet, Google Earth and insight from friends. Dan Diehl also had some killer spots on lock that he found in the cut since he moved out there in January of last year. Immediately after we landed in San Diego, we found the infamous B Street. You would swear this massive hill was imported from San Francisco and I honestly don’t know how many times we jumped the rental car into it. But the action really didn’t start until we met up with Jeff Z. in Compton. We were warned by a police officer to watch our backs and minutes later we were being harassed by a local sketchy dude who did not like our style of riding. We then drove up to LA for more fun. During the video premiere hosted by Onsomeshit bike shop, a wasted girl got wild and ripped her leggings doing obscure yoga moves and splits on top of the grindbox. The next day we rode some iconic spots in Hollywood with some local homies Brandon Begin, Stevie Churchill and a few dudes from Salt Lake City. Later that night, after a long day of riding, our hotel party was interrupted by a fiery explosion just outside our windows. The spray of shrapnel missed the rental car and we were still able to make the journey up to Mt. Baldy to ride the full pipe. I could honestly write pages on the wild stuff that happened during this trip. Even though SoCal had no pork roll or breakfast sandwiches like at home in Jersey, we will be back for more. Thank you Dan and Ashley for letting us crash at your house.” —Jeff With Glasses