Jet-setting, shredding, or making a cup of tea.

Last time you stayed up way past your bedtime?
Two days ago I stayed up all night before catching my flight home.

Last time you made a big change in your life?
Leaving Seventies to start my own bike/distribution company.

Last time you were inspired?
Listening to Chris Moeller ramble on.

Last time you were bored?
Waiting to board my flight home.

Last good session?
On the weekend in Redondo Beach with Robbie, Jeff Z. and Ryan Navazio.

What you see is the fence tap, but what you donà¢'¬"¢t see is the back tire bonk on the ledge on the way up.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Last good quote you heard?
“You give an aspirin a headache, you do.” It’s from the movie Layer Cake.

Last time you did something completely unconnected to BMX?
About five minutes ago, I made a cup of tea.

Last time you saw someone famous?
Darryl Hannah at the Christian Hosoi movie premiere in Santa Monica, CA.

Last time you learned a new trick?
I wish.

Last time you said “this is the last time…”?
Last weekend.