LA Bangers With Shawn McIntosh

Shawn McIntosh will take a one-and-done dead man setup over a technical—lost count how many tries it took—kinda trick any day. Maybe it's got something to do with him being from the Northwest, because bangers are in his blood. The dude has laid to rest countless do or die setups the world over, but for this feature, we focused on a few bangers that are pedaling distance from where he lives in LA. Shawn revisited three local bangers he filmed and dropped some words on ’em—two wild moves from his Primo 2014 web video and one from his epic two-song part for Fit‘s Holy Fit.

Footage Credit
Tour video: Jeff Zielinski
Ninja drop rail (Primo): Miles Rogoish (fish), Aaron Brenner and Tony Neyer (iPhones)
Staples feeble (Primo): Aaron Brenner (bottom angle), security guard (top)
Wilshire out ledge pegs (Fit): Stew Johnson

Watch Shawn’s Primo 2014 web video here…


Watch Shawn’s epic 8-minute Holy Fit part here…