Text by Brien Kielb

Before tanks, Jeeps and aircrafts became the vehicles of choice for modern warfare, soldiers in the field spent thousands of years carting around supplies and charging at enemies upon the backs of horses. Whether driving you towards, or dragging you away from the battlefield, "war horses" were a trusted and necessary component in the march for victory. It might be a liiiiiiittle bit of a leap to compare a military tool to a bicycle, but both need to be strong enough to withstand extreme riding conditions, and both must be suited to meet the needs of the soldier that entrusts their livelihood when throwing their boots (or sneakers) over the saddle. Volume’s Demarcus Paul has made a name for himself over the last few years commanding the streets of San Diego and beyond, and managed to earn himself a new signature frame, which they have dubbed "The War Horse".

Built from the ground up from heat-treated and butted 4130 chromoly, the War Horse might've been created for Demarcus specifically, but he had riders of all backgrounds and styles in mind when settling on the geometry that would ultimately bear his name. Riding high with a 9.25" standover, The War Horse features a 75.25 degree head tube for faster response in spins and nose manuals, and an equally responsive S-bend rear end that measures up at 13" slammed, with plenty of room for 2.3"+ tires. Details are always important when creating a signature product, and the War Horse features custom top and down tube gussets, and a sleek hourglass-shaped headtube that's equipped with an etched Volume logo. Demarcus wasn't looking for flash when choosing colors, and the Matte Rust finish will manage to turn heads while also avoiding eyesore status. No equine-themed machine would be complete without a horse somewhere, so check the top and down tubes for the battle-ready thoroughbred.

The Volume War Horse Demarcus Paul signature frame and his the rest of his War Horse line will be available soon at Dans Comp and wherever else Volume goods are sold. Take your pick between the Matte Rust color you see above, or a Polished Raw finish. No matter which color or size you choose (20.75" or 21"), the War Horse will set you back $329.99.

Volume DeMarcus Paul War Horse Frame
Colors: Matte Rust & Polished Raw
Top Tubes: 20.75" & 21"
Features: Custom top tube & down tube gussets with butted tubing. S-bend chain stays for wider tires. Volume Bikes’ proven 7mm investment cast dropouts w/built in chain tensioners. Built-in seat clamp. Wider BB for wider tires. Etched Volume logo on head tube. Hourglass head tube. Full 4130 heat treated chromoly. Removable seat stay brake mounts. Progressive and responsive head tube angle.
CS Length: 13" center BB to center dropout
ST Height: 9.25"
HT Angle: 75.25 degrees
Weight: 5.6lbs (20.75″)
Expected Available Date: March 2016
Retail: $329.99