Broc Raiford dropped a stunning video this week promoting the release of his new signature bar from Volume. The Captain Bar, two piece design in a four piece kind of world right now. These bars take a page out of the old way bars were made and puts a modern twist on them. Captain Bars. These bars are made of a thicker 4130 heat treated Chromoly steel. Lots of bars lately have been made of pretty thin tubing, resulting in lots of bends and breaks. BMX is finally getting out of the weight weenie stage and into the smarter stage. Using thicker tubing will reduce bending and make this purchase well worth it. Volume butted the tubing in 13 places, in all of the stress points for better fatigue resistance. Captain Bars in Black, The Captain bars also feature a widened box and a raised cross bar to help with the strength of these bars. The lower the cross bar, the easier to bend the bars, so if you raise the cross bar, it adds strength to the bends of the bar allowing less stress, equaling stronger bars. Black/White Captain Bars.

These signature bars come in either 9" or 9.25" rise, 28.5" wide, with a modest 10° backsweep, and a 2° upsweep. Raising the Cross Bar height to 6.75"(hell, that was the height of the S&M Dive bars), with a Crossbar OD at .75". The Captain bars weigh in at 33.5oz, coming in Flat Black, Black/ White Splatter, and Chrome. Purchasing these bars are not a guarantee that you will be able to grind both ways and spin both ways with ease, but it’s a start! Priced at $67.99 for painted and $72.99 for chrome, these will get you close enough!

Tools required: Depending on your stem, either an ¼ Allen wrench or a 6mm Allen wrench. Putting on grips have many, many techniques, use the good ole YouTube and find one that suits your tool situation.

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