It goes without saying, but bike theft can happen to anyone. It can happen to pros with their bikes in their cars; it can happen to suburban kids with their bikes locked in their parents garage, and it sure as hell can happen to you if you’re out street riding and think your bike is “safe” stashed behind some bushes when you’re getting a snack at the local bodega. For all of the above situations, Subrosa has done their part to fill the niche of BMX-related security equipment with their line of locks & accessories, and if you’re looking to get the strongest lock possible, look no further than their Shield U-Lock.

The Shield U-Lock from Subrosa isn’t the first item in their line of security devices – Subrosa made waves 4 years ago with their Combat Lock, a neon-yellow cable lock the size of your cell phone that was created to act as a “visual deterrent” for the bodega situation I mentioned above; the lock was light, easy to carry, and a nice distraction for would-be thieves, but only good for short trips where your eyes wouldn’t be off your bike for too long. The Shield U-Lock offers much more protection while still offering relatively compact sizing, as the hardened-steel body & shackle is hundreds of times more secure than the thin cable of the Combat but due its more compact sizing than traditional u-locks, can still fit in your back pocket. If you ride your bike to work or school, or have to lock it in a storage room at your apartment or dorm, this is a much safer route to take if you ever have to leave your bike unattended for hours at a time. The keyed lock is also safer & harder to pick than combination locks, and the neon orange shackle stands out to would-be thieves casing the bike racks.

The Subrosa Shield U-lock is available at all Subrosa retailers now, and from the Subrosa webstore. The Shield lock will cost you $49.99, and even though its cliche as hell to say, that’s a lot less expensive than building a new bike, so be sure to always protect your ride when leaving it alone for even a minute! Be sure to check out the entire line of Subrosa locks & lights at, and you’re probably already following them on Instagram, but if not, hit that button now @subrosabrand.