When your series of signature frames is approaching a half a decade in age, that probabaly means you’re doing something right, both as a rider and as a brand. Simone Barraco has been a member of the Subrosa roster since the beginning of whatever this decade is called (editors note: the twenty-tens according to Google), and his signature Noster frame has already been through three incarnations during that period, mirroring the progression of Simone’s riding style throughout the last few years. 2017 brings another update to the Barraco legacy, this time in the form of the new Subrosa Noster S frame.

The newest member of the Noster family features a host of updates for the new model year, with new graphics, geometry, and the reintruction of stopping ability. One thing that hasn’t changed is the full 4130 Sanko tubed construction, featuring a fully double-butted front end with dual gussetts and a heat-treated head tube. What has changed is the rear end length; the Noster S’s rear end has been trimmed a bit, now measuring up at 13.35″ slammed, losing over a quarter inch of length & making the rear end more responsive without speeding it up too quickly. The bottom bracket height has also been raised to 11.6″, adding clearance for crooked grinds & manual stability. While Simone has traditionally been a brakeless rider, the Noster S brings back the ability to add stoppers to your rig, with removeable seat stay mounts up top where you need them. I saw a post somewhere that the rising prominence of bowl contests in the BMX world will likely see the return of brakes to the bikes of many, and I myself can fully back this theory, so it makes sense that Subrosa would return the option to potential customers everywhere. The final new technicahl update is the wider seatstay brace, providing more rear end stiffness while simultaneously allowing for those wide-ass tires the kids seem to love these days.

The Subrosa Noster S frame is available now wherever your favorite Subrosa retail outlet may be. Take your pic of three different frame sizes (20.6″, 20.8″21.15″), and two colors (matte black, satin white), all of which feature update Simone-influenced sticker bomb graphics. The Noster S will only set you back $289.99 (add $10 for white), leaving you plenty of cash to pick up a Noster Fork or set of Noster Bars as well. Peruse the entire Subrosa catalog now by pointing your browsers to SubrosaBrand.com, and stay updated on everything Simone & the brand are up to on Instgram by following @subrosabrand and @simobarraco now.