When discussing the maintenance of your average BMX bike, it’s unreal to think that, techincally, it’s possible to assemble a complete bike from start to finish with just a single 6mm allen wrench. Of course, you’d have to be riding a brakeless, pegless bike with female axles on both ends for that to even be a consideration, and if you’re running brakes, forget about it; not to mention you would have to be sure that your pedal spindles were broached properly, you had an oversized seat post clamp bolt, yadda yadda yadda… but it’s possible, if you try. The real point I’m trying to make here is that bikes are much, much simpler than they used to be, needing far fewer tools to assemble them, which in turn makes them far easier to travel with. Unless you’re traveling by car & just tossing your bike in the back seat or on a rack, chances are that whatever form of transportation you’re using will require some level of bike disassembly to make it with you wherever you’re going. BMX-specific multi-tools are nothing new at this point, but just as bike technology has evolved, so has multi-tool design. When it comes to travel (especially on planes), its a good idea to bring as little shit with you as possible, and Odyssey’s new Travel Tool is the solution for riders that believe other tools on the market are too much for their needs.

I’ll make the synopsis of the Odyssey Travel Tool short & sweet – the foldable OTT features 6 different tools, covering all basics when it comes to assembling the majority of modern BMX bikes. With the OTT, you get 4/5/6/8mm allen keys, a 17mm deep socket with extra room for storage, and your choice of either a 15mm or 17mm pedal wrench (both included). What makes the OTT different than other BMX multi-tools (and any multi-tool, really) is the fact that it will not only tighten every bolt on just about every bike out there, but its 8″ length allows for extra leverage when tightening bolts, which is especially crucial for peg jockeys running a PC setup. Unlike other BMX tools, it doesn’t feature everything you would need to assemble a bike, but quite frankly, there are some accesories that really don’t make a ton of sense to carry with you everywhere, especially when you’re trying to save room in your flight case. Chain breakers can be a lifesaver, but if you’re going on a long trip, don’t be a dummy and check your chain/drivetrain before you leave home. Plus, what good is a chain breaker if you don’t have extra links, and where are you keeping those? Also, you really shouldn’t need tire levers unless you’re still running Alex Triple Walls & Comp III’s from 1997, and YouTube has plenty of handy dandy videos to show you how to do it without levers (spoiler alert: delflate, push beads to center of rim, pull one bead over the lip of the rim, done). The OTT’s simplicity allows its features to fold up into one sleek, speed-hole drilled package, keeping the weight down & also keeping the rattling down, potentially avoiding tipping off a disgruntled TSA agent that your beat up hockey bag or golf case is actually carrying a BMX bike.

The Odyssey Travel Tool is available now worldwide at your favorite Odyssey retailer or mailorder. Be ready to travel the globe with all of the tools you’ll really need for just $29.99. Can’t travel because you don’t have a bike bag? Odyssey’s got you covered there too with their Monogram Bike Bag, which can also be yours for only $139.99. For the scoop on all of what Odyssey has to offer, paw at this link to the Odyssey website now, and be sure to click the blue follow button on their Instagram: @odysseybmx.