The debate between plastic & steel pegs has been brought up on KYR more than once, but what about the guys that aren’t really into pegs, but occasionally like to bash their bike on stuff without 4″+ tubes protruding out from all sides of their ride? Believe it or not, there have been a few options for riders over the years. Primo might have been the first company back in the day to cater to this specific type of rider with their Jewels axle nuts, which weren’t necessarily marketed as “peg substitutes”, but much to the chagrin of the Sad Pegless Society, looked like little pegs & were used as such. A few other companies have made similar products throughout the years, but in these modern times, there aren’t many equivalent bolts to work with female axles – enter Madera’s Lightning Bolts.

Since KYR is all about educating the youth, the Madera Lightning Bolts aren’t even the first non-traditional peg substitute to come from the Profile/Madera factory – anyone remember Jeff Harrington’s Tofu Pegs? Anyway, the new Madera Lightning Bolts are designed to aid in “pegless” grinds and stalls by redesigning their female axle bolts to look like tiny pegs. The Lightning Bolts are available in 2 lengths (1″ and 1.5″), with a diameter not much wider than a regular female bolt. The heat-treated chromoly bolts are broached at the very ends to be used with either 8mm or 5/16″ allen keys, and because they’re chromoly, you shouldn’t have to worry about the ends getting all mashed up like alloy bolts. I took a few shots of Profile/Standard rider Paul Radosevich’s bike with the Lightning Bolts already installed, and you can see that they stick out not much farther than your average bolts, but are obviously a lot more functional. I never understood how guys like Mike Hoder handled pegless rails back in the day, but these Lightning Bolts should do the trick just fine, especially on square rails.

You can pick up the Madera Lightning Bolts now from the Profile Racing webstore, or head down to your local Profile/Madera dealer for $16.99. The Madera Lightning Bolts weigh between 2.3oz and 3.3oz, and are designed to work with 3/8″ female axles with a 16tpi thread pitch, so if you don’t have Profile/Madera hubs, do your research before making a purchase. And if you’ve got 14mm dropouts (hopefully not on your fork because its 2017), don’t worry, as the Lightning Bolt is available with a 14mm step to adapt to bigger dropout sizes. For more on the Madera & Profile product lines, check out and be sure to follow Madera on Instagram @maderabmx.