Kink is back in the Know Your Roll slot this week, and for this weeks column, we’re going to focus on a slew of parts in Kink’s new gold colorway. This new finish doesn’t come with any sort of cute name to go with it, and perhaps could be best described as “rose gold”, but when pressed for details on the new color, an unnamed Kink employee explained that the look was designed to resemble the finish that can more commonly be found on “shitty lowrider bikes” and took way longer than it should have to get it right – but after months & months of samples, they’ve finally figured it out. Now that we’ve got some of the backstory out of the way, lets check out what shiny new parts you can add to your ride.

With many new colorways, brands like to roll out as many matching parts as possible at once for riders to accessorize their bikes as they please, but Kink’s new finish can only be found on their chromoly components. There’s a good reason for this – the exact look Kink desired was created by chrome plating the parts first, then adding a thin layer of light gold powdercoat over the chrome for a subtle, yet distinct look. This can’t be replicated with anodized parts, so you’ll have to figure out how to properly color-coordinate the rest of your bike so it doesn’t look like a demented rainbow. Chromoly parts means bars, forks and cranks, and Kink has multiple options in all three categories. Take your pick of either of Kink’s forks – the Foundation II ($134.99) features traditional, heat-treated 4130 construction in either 26mm or 32mm offsets, while the CST ($139.99) comes with ultra-clean forged dropouts and middle-of-the-road 28mm offset. Everyone gets picky when it comes to bar size, but Kink’s got three options to choose from here: the Solace II’s (9.25″), Rex’s (9.5″), and the Hulk’s (10″), each of which are built with 13-butted 4130, and all of which retail for about $85. Finally, the Pillar cranks are the final touch of gold to point out, in either 22mm or 24mm, depending on how stiff you like it (your drivetrain, that is). If you weren’t already aware of how badass the Pillars are, check out this KYR from last year, and I can tell you from personal experience that these cranks are worth every penny.

If you love gollllllllllld, you can accessorize your bike with the full line of Kink gold chromoly parts now, as these are available as we speak worldwide at all Kink dealers. If you don’t need a new front end or drivetrain upgrade, Kink’s got other new products like the Pulp seat, a new headtube badge and new colors for the SXTN frame, so check out pics of that stuff on now, and stay up to date with all of the brands events and team updates through Instagram @kinkbmx.