It appears that it's Kink's turn on the roller-coaster. Introducing the Kink East-Coaster (get it?). Let's get the basics out of the way first. Much like other freecoasters on the market, Kink was wise to use proven elements of KHE freecoasters to keep it affordable for you, the consumer.



They used an ACB (Angular Contact Bearing) bearing in the hub is to combat the side load from the clutch/driver system. Traditional bearings aren’t designed to deal with any axial load, which the ACB bearing does like a champ. They tucked them into an original, sleek CNC'd 6061-T6 aluminum hub shell that uses two different size flanges to save on weight. The East-Coaster uses a one-piece chromoly driver with one regular sealed bearing as well as a needle bearing to help spread the pressure on the bearing in such a tight space that a 9t driver has. Needle bearings are stronger in tighter spaces rather than a traditional bearing.


Drive side.

The East-Coaster uses a heat-treated Chromoly 14mm male axle for all you peg trick hungry kids. The one piece axle is broached on the ends so you can use an 8mm Allen wrench to help with taking apart the hub to do maintenance. The East-Coaster utilizes custom hardware that's compatible with the Kink Nylon rear hub guard. Also includes three slack washers so you can dial in the amount slack you need…most people seem to like the most amount of slack, meaning the use of less slack washers. The hub comes in 36 hole, LHD and RHD. Weighing in at 24oz. and currently only available in matte black or matte red. MSRP is $149.99.

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East-Coaster Guts.

Kids, please, PLEASE remember to do your basic maintenance on this, and whichever freecoaster you may own. These need to be pulled apart, and greased properly with bicycle grease. NOT your dads heavy automotive bearing grease. Most people do it every month or every other. Once your clutch feels like it sticks, it's time to grease that bad boy. Too many kids think that freecoasters are shit after a few months if they act up, when all they need is a little grease! Tools needed: 17mm deep well socket, ratchet and extension, 8mm Allen wrench, crescent wrench.