For this week’s KYR, we’ll once again be focusing on drivetrain components with Fiction’s new Mythos pedal. For those who are unaware, Fiction is affiliated with Stolen, working hand in hand as their more affordable line of components, and the design team at Stolen created these pedals to provide the absolute best value while still being strong & grippy – so much so, that many Stolen team members have been riding the pedals themselves. Stolen/Fiction owner Dave Wooten sent me a litany of words to describe the new Mythos pedal, so now that we’ve covered the creation of the brand, lets focus on what makes the new Mythos pedals worth bolting on to your ride.

Somewhere over the last 15 years or so, pedals became the hot new grindable bike part, inspiring all sorts of weird metal & plastic bolt-on pedal plates to help slide faster while protecting the pedal itself. Eventually, riders figured out that just running cheap plastic pedals not only saves weight, but generally made grinds faster while also saving money in the process. Sure, you might go through a set every few months, but your shins will thank you, and at generally 1/3rd the price of alloy pedals, so will your wallet. On that note, Fiction’s Mythos pedal packed as much value into their $12.99 price tag as possible with a large, dual-concave pedal body featuring 12 molded pins for extra grip, constructed of “Long Glass Fiber” infused composite pedals and an oversized 4130 chromoly spindle, with both 15mm flats and a broached 6mm spindle for ease of installation. One smart move by Fiction was recessing the loose-ball bearings at the end of the pedal body, as we all know bikes get dropped quite a bit; incorporating this into the design allows the bearings to last longer, no matter how many times your bike goes flying. Another pro tip to make your pedals last longer – grind on only one side of the pedal! It blows my mind to see people not taking 2 seconds to pay attention to which side of the pedal they’re hopping on, because depending on your riding style, this can extend the life of your pedals by weeks or even months, regardless of what it’s made out of.

Normally at this point in the column, I mention the price tag of whatever item we’re discussing, but if you read this far you already know that they Fiction Mythos pedals are only $12.99. Did you know they’re available now? Did you know you can get them at any Fiction/Stolen retailer, or on their website? How about the fact that they’re available in seven different colors??? I mean, I guess if you looked at the pictures you could’ve figured that out, but now you know and knowing is half the battle. If you want to learn more about the affordable line of Fiction bikes & parts, check out, and for in-action shots & product sneak peeks, follow the brand on Instagram @fictionbikes.