Text by Brien Kielb

If you're the type of rider that sticks with one specific genre of BMX, there are surely a few options that meet your exact requirements when choosing a new set of tires. Comp III's were ditched by dirt riders long ago for deeper, blue groove-friendly tread with less rolling resistance; deck monkeys have featherweight foldables to help make you spin faster, no matter what direction that may be, and if you prefer concrete… There are a variety of slick, multi-colored balloons to keep you glued to bowl corners and soften landings at your favorite street plaza seven set. But what if you're one of those throwbacks that still pedal at anything that looks remotely rideable, then Éclat's new Ridgestone tires might be exactly what you're looking for.

Since their inception just a few short years ago, Wethepeople's offshoot brand Éclat has provided innovative, interesting components with a purpose. And their new Ridgestone tires are no exception. Designed to work wherever you ride, the Ridgestone was created with the help of team rider Shane Weston, two of the more progressive riders of recent years, so you know these were built for serious moves. Starting off with an extra-tacky rubber compound, the Ridgestone features a slick center patch for minimal rolling resistance at speed, surrounded by medium depth, u-shaped grooves with knurling for extra grip when you need it. No need to stress about sidewall failure here, as the Ridgestone's tread wraps around the majority of the tires circumference, keeping your tubes intact while grinding those hard-to-slide stone ledges. If you're looking for a little more grip than speed, the Ridgestone is available in a second option called Traction, which features deeper grooves up top and larger treads on the sides.

The Éclat Ridgestone, like most tires, is available in a variety of sizes; the Slick version is sized up at 2.2", 2.3" and 2.4", while the Traction tire is available in 2.3" only. Two color options is all you really need, and Éclat keeps both the new & old guard happy with all-black and gum w/black sidewall options.

For more information, check out www.Éclatbmx.com, and head to your favorite shop or mailorder to mount the Ridgestone tires to your ride today.

Price: $28.99
2.20″ 26.64 oz. (699g)
2.30″ 27.52 oz. (781g)
2.40″ 29.2 oz. (830g)
2.30" 25.92 oz. (735g)
Colors: Black, Gum / Black sidewall
Material: 120 tpi construction, wire bead

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