Profile Racing is one of the most respected brands in BMX, with over 40 years of experience producing cranks, sprockets, hubs and other assorted chromoly & aluminum components. It seems like no matter which part you single out, everything produced by Profile seems to be easily distinguishable, and it's easy to understand why; with nearly every cog, bolt and spring being produced in-house in their Tampa factory, attention to detail is never spared. So, if you're the company that perfected the 3-piece crank and revolutionized the cassette hub, it wouldn't make sense to merely tweak an existing freecoaster hub design and put your name on it like so many other brands have – you need to design something from scratch. So, Profile took the proven technology behind the Mini and Elite cassettes, and modified it to produce the Z Coaster, the first American made freecoaster that also doubles as a cassette with just a few minor adjustments.

The Z Coaster is a design that you will only find at Profile, as it uses a unique pawl/spring system that can be reverted back and forth from a cassette hub to a freecoaster by simply removing the outer jam nut & driver, and swapping the flat spring driver spacer for the included regular spring spacer. The entire coaster mechanism sits inside the driver itself, which is supported by an extra larger outer bearing, which you won't find on any other hub. Much like their other hubs, you'll find more points of engagement (48 here) than their competitors as well. Additionally, because Profile hand-assembles their hubs in-house, they're able to offer many different options for their hubs, like 1/8" and 3/32" drivers and 3/8" and 14mm axles; they even offer a titanium option for those big spenders looking to shed every ounce from their back wheel – the titanium driver/axle combo weighs in at only 16oz, which saves nearly a half a pound from your average competing freecoaster hub. With so much technology packed into one hub, you might think they’d forget about slack adjustment, but fear not – the slack is changed by switching out the slack cam ring, which is available in 4 different degrees, catering to both flatlanders and street riders alike.

The Profile Z Coaster hub is available now, starting at $357.99 with a 14mm GDH (gun-drilled hollow) axle. Because of Profile's production capabilities, the majority of their vast color selection is available as an option on their Z Coaster, and the price fluctuates depending on which axle/driver combination you choose. The Z Coaster is available at Dans Comp & all Profile dealers, and if you'd like to calculate the exact cost of your custom Z Coaster setup, check out Profile's handy hub calculator to see which options are currently in-stock. If you need more inspiration to make the Z Coaster your next rear hub, check out the videos from team rider Chad Degroot below.

14mm GDH Chromo 9t Chromo: 583g/20.55oz
14mm GDH Titanium 9t Titanium: 466g/16.4oz
3/8 Chromo 9t Chromo: 559g/19.7oz
3/8 Titanium 9t Titanium: 461g/16.25oz