When you ride for a brand like Profile Racing, one of the oldest component brands in BMX, your opportunity for a line of signature parts is presented in ways unlike any other company out there. With a time-tested line of USA made cranks, hubs, sprockets and other beautifully machined pieces, there’s no need to improve their performance, so what are your options? Well, if you’ve got a brand manager like Matt Coplon, your possibilities are just about endless. Being no stranger to creative endeavors himself, Matt & the Profile team have released numerous diverse colorways capitalizing on the tastes & styles of their riders, sometimes actually created by riders themselves, using their unique graphic wrapping process, and the newest colorway to the fold is being labeled as the “Swell”, designed by longtime team member Ricky Moseley. Aside from riding bikes, Moseley is also into photography and surfing, and the Swell combines those passions with BMX  by taking a collage of Ricky’s favorite wave shots and wrapping them around some of his favorite Profile components. Interested? Here’s the list of Swell parts you can add to your ride:

Elite Hubs – The cream of the crop. 6 pawl driver, 204 points of engagement. Available in both RHD and LHD with numerous axle options, retailing for $473.99.

Mini Hubs – Not quite as fancy as the Elites, but loved by thousands all over the world. Like the Elites, these are also available in RHD or LHD with assorted axle options and will set you back $343.99.

Mark Mulville Push Stem – Double signature points on this one. Topload style, 31.7mm rise, available in either 48mm or 53mm lengths, price tag reads $85.99.

Sabre Sprockets – This is one of Profile’s “Universal” sprockets, which can be used with bolt-drive setups or as a 19mm or 22mm spline drive. Cost is $66.99, but don’t forget your insert of choice!

The Profile Swell Ricky Moseley colorway is available now at ProfileRacing.com and at all Profile retailers. Don’t sleep on these, as reports are indicating that they’re moving fast, so your chances of grabbing a full kit diminish the longer you wait! For more of what Ricky & Matt are up to, give them a follow on Instagram @rickyshoots and @matt_coplon respectively, and why not give @profileracing a follow while you’re at it.