If you manage to make it to the 30 year mark as a BMX brand, you've gotta be doing something right. Odyssey’s track record as an industry leader in components is filled with successful, well-designed products ridden by some of the most iconic riders in the history of our sport. Sure, they've had a few misses and even been ahead of the game more than once, but their success rate speaks for itself. One category Odyssey never seems to falter in is pedals; just a short sampling of their offerings have included the shin-shredding Triple Traps, to the grind-enabling mid-school classic Jim C’s, and the iconic, best-selling Twisted PC's seen on thousands of bikes all over the world. With that back catalog, you can believe that their new Grandstand pedal is up to their standards, and more importantly, those of its endorser, Tom Dugan.

The Grandstand pedal was designed to be thinner than it's predecessor, the Trail Mix pedal, with the idea that a thinner pedal body places your foot closer to the axle, which is a concept anyone can grasp pretty easily. Just go take a lap on your bike wearing workboots, then do the same thing in your worn out old Vans. Notice how much more grip you have when your foot is closer to the pedal? That's why you're seeing more bikes with thin pedals out there. In addition to featuring a thinner overall body, the Grandstand pedals feature dual concave on each edge of the pedal, which gives your feet more control of the pedal itself, making it easier to push the bike around under your feet.

Being that this is an Odyssey product, there's obviously some tech that goes into making this pedal work that you can't see when the whole thing is assembled. The Grandstand is built around a 14mm heat-treated chromoly axle, with both a 17mm wrench flat and a 6mm axle broach, giving you two options for installation. With such a thin body, using a stock bearing setup would ruin the uniqueness of this pedal, so Odyssey came up with their own bearing to keep it spinning smoothly, which you can see in the photo of the clear pedal body above. Thinner bearings also avoid creating a bearing bulge in the pedal body, which again keeps your foot closer to the pedal and avoids compromising grip.

The Odyssey Grandstand pedal, after a long wait, is finally available now. There are 3 options when picking out your pedal of choice here: the aluminum version is available in black only, with 8 steel pins allowing for superior grip and a stiffer riding experience, while the PC version features 8 molded pins and both black and clear versions. Hit up Dans Comp or your favorite Odyssey retailer now for the $19.99 PC version, and place your pre-order for the aluminum version now, which should be available for under $40. For more Odyssey news, hit up the source at www.odysseybmx.com now.

Genuinely Thin Body.
17mm at center with uninterrupted dual concave.
Foot-sized 105mm wide.
Full Size 14mm heat-treated axle with 17mm wrench flats and 6mm broach.
Includes 8 durable and replaceable steel pins per side.
Aluminum (black) and PC (black, clear) versions available.
9/16" only.