Lil' Dan is technically on the Kink Flow team, but he was in California with the rest of the dudes so we subjected him to the same painful interview as the rest of the guys. Besides the fact that being on the road with someone 13 years younger than me, Dan spent most of the trip stressing his parents being mad at him for really just about anything. This quickly turned into something to torture Dan about; mostly because it was fun for everyone to watch a little kid stress out every day. But, with all honesty, Dan is a really good kid that doesn't seem to have any disillusions about what BMX is all about. And, to Dan's family, all the stuff I put on Twitter about him trying to steal the van and being rude to random people on the street was a joke. —Ryan

Line ender 360...

Line ender 360...

Name: Lil' Dan
Age: 15
Location: Rochester, NY
Sponsors: Kink, TAL clothing

How worried are you about what your parents are going to see on the Internet?
That sucks. I think…dude, I'm not going to answer that [laughs]. I'm stressing it because it's my first trip and I don't want to blow it, it's been so fun, and I don't want to blow it because of some stupid question.

Jay: Dan, with all the 14- and 15-year-old kids coming out these days that are able to do truckdrivers, double tailwhips, and bunnyhop 720s, and all that kind of stuff…how do you see yourself compared to them with a more traditional style of riding?

I suck, but I just try to keep it real and it's fun. I just like chilling and not really trying to kill myself riding a bike. Just trying to do what's fun.

Jay: Do you think those guys are a bunch of goons or what? [laughs]

Those kids aren't cool [laughs]. They're fun to watch for the 30 second edits they put out, but they aren't cool. I know I'm not cool, but they're not either.

First cement park berm shot...

First cement park berm shot...

Jay: How do you feel about being brought out to California?
I'm lucky and I don't deserve it, but it's sweet. It's been fun and I'm just trying to not jock out like Ben has been [laughs]. There's definitely a lot of kids that shred a lot harder than I do, but I don't know…

Tom: How is it showing up to spots and trying to film stuff? Is it hard?
I haven't really been thinking about it because I haven't been doing anything on this whole trip, just sitting around watching [laughs]. But yeah, it's crazy, it's overwhelming, and it's intimidating. I haven't been too hungry, but it's been fun to watch crazy stuff get done that I know I can't do…or stuff that I wanted to do and it gets done 30 times higher or better…or into water [laughs].

Darryl: How are you handling all the bullying from dudes that are ten years older than you?
I'm used to it from hanging out with Tony [Hamlin] all the time. And, it's not that bad because Ben [Hittle] has it worse than I do. Ben brings it on himself, so I just get to sit around and watch that and not take anything you guys say to heart because you guys all suck.

Lil Jon: Why are you so bad with hygiene?
I'm really not, but this trip I've been gross and grimey and it's kind of felt good [laughs]. I'm not worrying about it. I smell like garbage and my breath just hasn't tasted good.

Lookback while the cops roll up...

Lookback while the cops roll up...

Lil Jon: And why are you eating all this candy all of a sudden?
I've always eaten a lot of candy. It's good, it's cheap, it's easy to eat, and you can eat it wherever.

Ryan: You've spent close to $40 on candy.
Candy tastes good. You can get candy anywhere; you can't get sushi from a 7/11.

Ryan: You can out here…
You can?!

Ryan: What things have been firsts on this trip for you? Riding and non-riding…

[Laughs] First time I sat at a bar in a bowling alley. First cement park—that was weird. Cement parks are way different than good ‘ol X Dreams. First time getting kicked out of a cement park by the cops [laughs]. First time I've seen someone throw free food on the ground.

Ryan: What's it like getting shit from Darryl Tocco?
Never heard of him before now…he does a lot of barspins [laughs].

180 tuck at etnies indoor...

180 tuck at etnies indoor...

Bike Check

Frame: Kink Issue 20.75
Fork: Kink Empire
Bars: Kink Lynx
Stem: Some old Kink prototype
Grips: Kink Omega
Barends: Odyssey Par Ends
Headset: Kink Ti
Seatpost: Kink Stump
Seat: Kink Belt Slim
Pedals: Welgo Mg-52
Cranks: Profile
Sprocket: Kink 25-tooth
Chain: KMC Pintle Half Link
Front Tire: Odyssey Aitken Street
Front Wheel: G-Sport Rollcage with Tree Hub
Rear Tire: Fit FAF
Rear Wheel: Rollcage with Profile Mini 3/8
Hub Guard: Never
Pegs: Kink Park And Light


What was your remember your first "real" BMX bike?
My first bike I ever took to the park was a Haro Backtrail X3, but my first bike that wasn't a complete was a Kink Cielinski [laughs].

Which parts do you go through the most?

Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel…
Low and fast. I don't really care about weight. And always two pegs…

What part are you most particular about or do you feel makes the biggest difference on your bike?
Bars, they always seem to make the biggest difference.

What is one thing about your personal bike setup that you'd never change, and why?
The height of my seat, 100psi because going fast is the best feeling, and my seat has been the same height forever so I don't know why I would change it.