By Jeff Zielinski

An unknown New Yorker superman’s over the box.

There is one thing I could never figure out about the Mullaly skatepark in the Bronx. Why does the annual King of New York contest always have to coincide with the hottest day of the year? Although the heat was rather unbearable, judging from the level of riding I guess it didn’t hamper anyone too much. I’m not very familiar with contests, but eleven-year-old kids who couldn’t clear the box even if they were pulled by a motorcycle landed flips one-footed. You be the judge on that one.

The contest had three classes: Beginner, Expert, and Pro. Both Beginner and Expert classes featured a diverse group of riders, all of whom rode really good. Rob Dolecki spends most of his days at the trails and it showed in his smooth transfers and run through the rhythm of six spines. Allan Cooke, who rides for Specialized, did a barhop over the box and a swell turndown transfer from the hip into the box landing. Bronx local George Juval went higher out of the long eight-foot quarter than anybody did over the box all day. Another Specialized rider, one who’s name is probably familiar, Kennan Harkin, did a decade jump… And then of course there’s Dave “Littleman” Garcia, who has won the “King of NY” for the last couple of years. This should come as no surprise, because this guy always does the highest and most extended jumps, not to mention a flair, one-handed flips, and a tailwhip out of the eight-foot quarter.

After the Pro class was over and prizes were awarded there was a flatland demo. As far as I know it wasn’t judged. It was more or less a jam. But in reality, a contest is really nothing more than an organized jam with prizes anyway. I neglected to point out that there was no entry fee for spectators or contestants and there was still a pro purse. UND (Underground Never Dies), Mountain Dew, Specialized, and anyone else I forgot to mention deserve congratulations for pulling off another successful organized jam.



1. Edward Pollio2. Danny Olivera3. Edwin Delarosa


1. Roadel Somersed2. Hayston Sheppard3. Ruel Smith


1. Dave Littleman2. Allan Cooke3. George Jovel