We’re psyched to drop this video of Jourdan Barba killing the streets of Socal for ODI Grips. I’ve heard Jourdan’s name for a long time and of course, seen videos of him, but just recently had the chance to meet him. A genuine guy that’s doing this shit for the right reasons, and he is absolute beast, going straight to the massive overgrind at the 3:35 mark after taking a couple of rough falls earlier in the day. Check this four minute monster of an edit for his sponsor ODI


“Our pro rider Jourdan Barba has been talking about filming a full length video for ODI for a while. When we asked why, he stated that he wanted to make a video he is proud of. We were super hyped on this idea so we linked him up with our TM/filmer last year and went to work. He started this project Sept. of 2013 and finished filming in mid July. He lives in Southern California so it just made sense to hit up cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Irvine, Cula Vista, & Escondido. After all his sweat & hard work, we are please to present you with Jourdan Barba’s full length video from ODI grips.”