Johnny “Ice” Atencio popped up on our radar over a year ago when he put out some savage footage which welcomed him to the Shadow and Subrosa squads, but also included one of the biggest crank arm grinds I’ve ever seen, still to this day. Fast forward a year and a half later and Johnny is killing it harder than ever. Fresh off his move to Southern California he linked up with Fernando Olaiz for 3 months straight around the L.A. area and quickly stacked up this heater for The Shadow Conspiracy. Johnny is not scared and will make a quick snack out of that gap-to-rail you’ve been eyeing up down the street from your house, but that’s not all he can do. Get familiar with Johnny Atencio below, young ICE is just getting started…

Age: 18
Location: Huntington Beach, CA
Support: The Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa Brand, Vans, PeepGame, ABQDNV


What made you make the move to California? I moved to California for many reasons but… I made the move out to California last May after finishing high school to experience something not many people get the chance to do. I was losing motivation in Albuquerque so I knew I had to make a change and now I get to ride new spots, meet new homies, and I get to ride my bike pretty much all year round thanks to the perfect SoCal weather.

Cali girls vs NM girls? Ahhh.. Right now it’s NM girls but I’m sure that will change soon.

First BMX video you watched on repeat?
When I made one of my first Dan’s Comp purchases Animal bikes video “The Price is Wrong” came with it and I watched it almost every day for about 2 months before I would ride.

Dream sponsor: A car sponsor would be pretty dope. haha

Pet peeve: People who say they will do something and don’t.

Eddie Cueller Photo

BIG SETUPS… Eddie Cueller Photo

You enjoy big setups, Any early influences that pushed you to tackle big beasts?
Growing up in Albuquerque I rode mostly with people older than me such as Mario Carrasco, Danimal, Gil Montoya, Alex Gonzalez, and Dustin Arp. When I was in like 7th grade I think, Mario started taking me to street spots to go out filming with the crew. At the time I was just starting to get into street riding, so when I started going out on the weekends with this crew and seeing how they got down on spots it pushed me to go out and find spots. Growing up in Albuquerque with its many rail spots motivated me to ride bigger set ups.

AM who should be pro: Josh Clemens

Where’d the nickname “Ice” come from? I was with Dustin Arp one weekend when he was on a filming trip down in Albuquerque and I had just made my Instagram. All I was doing was icepicks at the time so he suggested that I should just change my name to johnnyice.. So I did and I’ve been stuck with ever since haha.

What’s on the horizon for you? Right now I’m just living in Huntington Beach, MASSIVE thanks to Trevor Sigloch for taking me in at the #traponto! As far for upcoming trips go I might be going to Simple Session this year for the first time, then going to Paris afterwards to hangout with Joris. Definitely going overseas this year!

Johnson enjoys Trey Jones' backyard paradise by letting the bars fly for the lens of Tristan Afre.

Johnson enjoys Trey Jones’ backyard paradise by letting the bars fly for the lens of Tristan Afre.