I think one of the biggest perks of being a Pro BMXer is all the travel they get to do and the Terrible One crew took that to their fullest advantage when they embarked on their world tour.Instead of following the beaten path, they checked out many lands which were previously uncharted by any other Pro riders; it’s always a real treat to find a new spot that doesn’t already have a “who did what here” list already. Joe Rich was present for every stop of the trip so he compiled a list of his top five favorite spots/locations from the trip-—in no particular order.

 credit: Jeff Zielinski

Transylvania, Romania: It’s Transylvania for crying out loud! How much did you hear about this place in cartoons and ghost stories growing up? Having my BMX bike be the reason I got to go to some fairytale place such as this just seemed insane to me. We went to a castle there that Dracula was held prisoner in for a number of years. The experience we had there the night we arrived was so surreal.

Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland has been one of my favorites for years now—on or off this trip. I went there a long time ago only for a day or so and it just always stuck with me. This time when I went, though, I had my good friends with me, and got to meet some other really great people as well. I spent a week in the city and it felt like a place I could live instantly. Anything that the city doesn’t have is within a few hours’ drive, like beaches, good camping, and more old parks. Everyone seemed really laid-back there—which is always a plus for our traveling crew. We never felt rushed to do anything.

Bottom side one-hander one-footer at a skatepark in Oregon where Garret Byrnes lost $250.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Hobart, Tasmania: I’ve said it a million times before, the snakerun is what brought me there, and the snakerun is what puts Hobart on the list. There is a rider there named Leigh Giason who also took such good care of us. We didn’t know anyone upon arrival and we met Leigh at the snakerun the first day we were there. We had endless good sessions carving down that thing…it just never got old. I would fly half way around the world just to visit that thing again.

Capetown, South Africa: Capetown was a place I really wish we could have had more time in. All the kids there were what made this place sit on my top five list. Everyone was good to us. There were some fun parks to ride and some really good trails as well. I have seen lots of street photos from here, but unfortunately we didn’t have much time to go check stuff out due to the amount of time we had to drive across the rest of South Africa. I will be back to visit this place for sure sometime in the near future.

Joe said he couldn’t do inverts like he did before knee surgery because his knees don’t have the same mobility; funny then, because this looks like a text book Joe Rich ridiculous invert to me.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Prague, Checz Republic: Prague was a favorite for so many reasons. We drove into the city at nighttime and I was just completely blown away by the architecture and the amount of people I saw. It was nuts! Just wandering around this city put a smile onmy face all day long whether or not I was riding. Off the bike, there was just so much to see and on the bike was the same story. Street riding was great here too. I know there are riders over there, but we didn’t run into any. And secondlly, it was strange because so much good street stuff didn’t have any marks on it. We also never got hassled either-—what else needs to be said?