Can you talk about MacNeil yet?
Yeah, totally.
When do you think you’re gonna have your first frames out?
We have prototypes done already I’m gonna be riding one the day after the X Games. We’re going to go into production in about a month and a half so we’re looking at about four months. By Christmas we’ll have them.
Are you producing them in Canada?
No we’re going to produce them in Taiwan. It’s too expensive to make them in Canada. It costs a third to a half more to make stuff in Canada, because of the way our pay structure works.
Other than bikes what is MacNeil going to make?
Other than frames we’re gonna do handlebars, forks, stem, sprocket and bar ends. Eventually we’ll get into completes.
What’s the first frame going to be called?
Just the Miron, We’re only going to do signature bikes. Its just MacNeil Bikes “The Miron.” I don’t care about giving it any extreme name or whatever. The Meathead or the Killer or whatever. I don’t care about any of that.