Aaron has been somewhat quietly stacking clips for Odyssey and it’s finally dropping this Thursday. I happened to be in Austin while Aaron got a few clips and met up with him in Cali to see him attempt a few more and figured it’d be good to throw a couple questions Aaron’s way about the impromptu project and filming as a whole. This whole week will be a bit of an informal “Aaron Ross Week” with a Pro Q&A, Bike Check, and a Battle Clip dropping alongside the edit, so stay tuned…

So hey Aaron, what’s up?
Not too much. Just got done with a wild weekend doing a 100 different things. Now I'm sitting down to answer these questions about a week late…

You have a new Odyssey edit dropping Thursday and I’m pretty excited about that. How’d filming come about?
Yup, yup. All true. Glad you are excited. Maybe someone will like it… Filming went great. Pretty smooth. You never know with a long project. I had a long list of tricks, some I've had for eight years and just never got around to it or the project I was working on had something similar already. But they were in the plans from the start and then you always run across some random stuff, which is the best way anyway!
Has having Dan Coller live with you been a solid motivator to go out and send it a bit?

Yes. Dan is the man, on and off the bike. He actually just moved out this week into his own place, but it's been super rad having someone to wake up and shred with everyday. He and I ride super different, so it would be rad to see him send it and then I would get all hyped to go do my thing.

Aside from two clips, it’s all filmed in Texas. Were most of the clips things you had on your “list” for a while, or a byproduct of just going out and riding?
Yeah, everything was pretty much around Austin, Texas. The Cali trip sorta just came up so we went and got a few things, but I rolled my ankle early and it rained a lot. Like I said earlier, I had a mental list from the beginning; things I have been driving past for years, but didn't mess with. We also had a bunch of luck finding new stuff along the way and that's the best way to film…no expectations, just head out and see what happens

You’ve been a pro rider for what, 12 years? That's an actual guess. What’s your mindset like these days when you go into filming? Is it harder or easier to get clips?
12 or 13 give or take…it's been a minute. Today I feel like I either want to ride bikes and chill super hard or go 100 and film for a project and see what we can get. I've always loved the process of a video part or a project from start to finish. I would say its harder to get clips these days… I want to challenge myself and sometimes when I show up to a spot someone has done this and that, or I've done something similar already, so it makes it hard to just show up and get something. I feel half the battle is about finding something unique to ride and then figuring out a trick for that spot.

The banger got an actual “holy shit” outta me…without giving too much away yet, how long have you been searching for a setup like that?
That's rad to hear…I had no idea you've already seen the edit. I've wanted that for a long, long time, but just hadn't found the right spot in the last five years. I have asked everyone if they knew a spot and, of course, it's in Austin and I've overlooked it the whole time. You can see from my reaction that I was excited to check it off the list. It was rad to get that done, for sure…

Outside of filming for the edit, what’s a normal session like for you these days?
Hmmm, I would say pretty chill. The last few months we have just been going out in heavy crews filming. Dugan was working on a project. Dan is working on a project. Burns is always working on something. Also huge shoot out to all these guys for being down to ride and film. Especially Sean Burns, who is an actual spot map. So thanks to all those guys for being rad.

How’s the Austin riding scene overall? Tons of new riders?
I feel the Austin BMX scene is in a really good place. I think it's in one of the best places ever. We have every age group of rider shredding everything in the city every day. We have a super-solid older crew and tons of new kids that are insanely good, so it's perfect.

Do you think you’ll ever be the mayor of Austin?
Haha, no. But who knows? But no.