April 3, 2006

Hilliard, Ohio -Hyper Bicycles is serious about their commitment to the National Bicycle League (NBL) and to BMX racing, signing on as the ‘Official Bicycle of the NBL’ for yet another year. This marks the 3rd consecutive year that Hyper has joined forces with the NBL forging an even stronger relationship to promote their quality brand of BMX bikes and components.

In addition to their line of BMX race bikes, Hyper will also promote their ‘Hyper X-Games’ Motobike at select National Series events. The X-Games Motobike, which also sells at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us stores across the country for under $150, emulates the look of a traditional motocross bike but relies on pedal power, appealing to the X-Games influenced youth market. At each of the NBL Elite Series weekends, the NBL and Hyper will award one Motobike to the winner of a pre-selected ‘Motobike Main Event’ class to create awareness for the product. “The kids get excited when they see the Motobike on display and it creates a ‘buzz’ leading up to the ‘Motobike Main Event’ – one of the many ways we can make the weekend more ‘X-citing for the riders and spectators” says NBL’s Marketing Director, Kevin O’Brien.

Hyper’s X-Games Motobike

Hyper’s relationship with ESPN and X-Games will further benefit the sport and create new opportunities for BMX to reach the mainstream youth market. NBL’s logo will be emblazoned on the Hyper travel trailer, the X-Games “Team” BMX bike sold in Toys R Us, and additional X-Games bike-related products, providing more exposure for the NBL brand across North America and the UK. “This is a win-win relationship for Hyper and the NBL. We can promote our products directly to the BMX market through the NBL and knowing that the NBL’s market share is growing in the West, we are confident that our company will be represented across the country” says Clay Goldsmid, owner of Hyper Bicycles. “The NBL has a unique opportunity to take their brand outside the immediate industry and into mass-merchant retailers like Wal-Mart and Toys R Us”, adds Goldsmid.

Bill Zimmerman, Hyper’s Team manager who already has 2 National Team Titles under his belt, is poised to make a run for his 3rd title and has the Hyper squad at the top of the NBL Team standings. The team will also host a number of clinics at NBL National and Regional events to help develop the future stars of BMX and give local riders a chance to meet Lance McGuire and the rest of the team in person.

Look for more good news developing from this partnership in the near future. Check out Hyper’s full product line at www.hyperbicycles.comand log on to the NBL website www.nbl.org for schedule information and more.

Hyper Clinic Schedule:
April 7 – Jacksonville, FL, 12-2pm
April 14 – West Palm Beach, FL, 12-2pm
April 29-30 – Egg Harbor, NJ
May 20-21 – Prunedale, CA
May 27-28 – Tanglewood, NC
June 10-11 – Evansville, IN
July 1-2 – South Park, PA
July 8-9 – Woodbridge, VA
August 12-13 – Trumbull, CT
August 19-20 – Pontiac, MI
Sept 1-3 – NBL Grand National