How to Icepick Hard 180 with Ben Lewis


There’s no doubt that technical street riding is being pushed at an astronomical rate these days. Contemporary street riding has seen a gigantic wave of change the past several years, passing through a “huck it to flat” phase which (thankfully) phased itself out after a time, and today, street riding is being pushed from the ground up, literally. Ben Lewis is one of the dudes at the forefront of this push and has helped make technical riding one of the fastest growing and popular niches of BMX at the moment. So while you might see only a handful of guys throwing down icepick hard 180s, don’t be afraid to give it a go. Ben has some great tips in the video above (the perspective on looping out on manual 180s or doing icepick over fakies on spines is a great one) and at the rate that BMX is being pushed these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if this move becomes more commonplace in the upcoming years. So watch the video above, get some ideas in your head, find a setup, and make this one happen.