By Ryan Harley.

So my town is trying to figure out what to do with downtown, and it’s pretty obvious that I want a skatepark. I just need a lot of people to help me convince them, and since it’s winter and I’ve lost contact with about 99% of the skate/ bike community, I’m turning to you guys. I hate filling stuff out, (and to make it worse I think there’s something wrong with the page, so I had to just email what I wanted to say to [email protected]) but this would be a complete turn-around for the entire state of Alaska. I’d say that out of all the people I’ve known over the last five years that I thought we’re serious about, or loved riding and skating, less than a quarter of us are left. There are little kids around, but nowhere near as many as there were a few years ago. I guarantee you at least half of them would still be riding now if we actually had a place to ride that was good. I really miss a lot of the guys I used to ride with, and I know it’s just going to get worse if nothing happens.

Please take the ten minutes it takes to fill something out saying you think they should make a skatepark downtown, and help me and all of my friends out big time…

If it doesn’t work for you just email [email protected], or the mayor [email protected]