AZ local and all around good guy Dustin Orem took a nasty spill while riding Cory Nastazio‘s jumps last week. Dustin is a minister for a living, and provides spiritual support for athletes at Dew Tour and X-Games as well as Woodward West. As with most professions that are a labor of love, Dustin doesn’t earn much money and could really use our help. Hit the link if you could spare anything to help out with his mounting medical bills.

"Dustin injured himself BMX riding on July 11th and has been in the ICU since that time. He sustained injuries to his spleen, kidneys, liver, lungs and ribs and as a result has been bleeding internally. Dustin has had overwhelming support from everyone that knows him, and many people have been asking about what they can do help out. Because Dustin is missing work during his recovery and may be in the hospital for a while accumulating medical bills, financial assistance is one of the best ways that we can assist Dustin and his family get back on their feet as soon as possible. – See more at:"