Mike Aitken Benefit Jam

Haven Skatepark


I was asked to write a short story about the jam we held for Mikey Aitken on Nov 15th. Well, I think it's pretty easy to say that the Northeast is a huge Mikey fan. The jam was held at Haven Skatepark in North Haven, Connecticut. Not having an exact count, we estimated there were around 300 people throughout the night coming from all over PA, Rhode Island, Mass, and NY. We raised almost six thousands dollars. It was a great night of fun and an awesome display of riding. We had a huge raffle with a lot of great prizes from a ton of companies who so generously donated.

We held the raffle around 8pm that lasted an hour or so, then we went right into three contests. The first was Best Wallride, the second was Best Sub-box Trick, and third was Best Old-school Tabletop. I'm sorry I don't have the paperwork results from all the contests, but I can tell you that local Gary Russell killed the wallride and the sub-box—taking home first place in both. Brian Foster, of course, killed the place with tables like you dream about and one of the highest wallrides ever laid down at the park. Rory Ellis is a full-blown animal; dialed as hell and style for miles, bringing home first place in the Old-school Table comp. There was so much going on, I'm sorry I can't remember every detail, everyone who rode pretty much killed it in my eyes! After the contest, it was open floor to ride, hang out, and enjoy yourself. There were plenty of Ball Park hotdogs, and I think I saw a few cocktails being served, but we wouldn't get into that.  

I just want everyone to know there were so many people that made this possible, and for that a huge thank you goes out to them—you guys kick major butt. McGoo at Snafu, Rob-o at Fit and Fox, Keith Mulligan at Ride BMX (and he also works for the best friend store!), Steve at Thule, Rich at Lotek, Sob beverages, Steve and John at FBM, Ralph and crew at Animal bikes, Superfly, Long Island Bikes, Dropout Bike Shop, Eddie at 50/50 Bike Shop, Chris Moeller at S&M Bikes, Fuzzy Hall and Skullcandy, Skier Jay, Mike Rotundo, Leon at West Haven Tattoo, Jim at Lucky Soul Tattoo, Stew Johnson, Erica and Ben, Rick and Kat at Haven Skatepark. Lastly, Jim Kissel, Andie Allen, Remo, Brian Klembara, Keith Terra, Tedd Nelson, Ron Gaska, Ball Park Hotdogs, Freihofer's, and one of the most important people to be there, hands-down, was Darryl Nau. Without him the place would have been lost. Darryl kept the place alive all night and really made it fun. Thank you Darryl, Garrett Byrnes and JB, Jeff Dupaul, and last, but not least, my lovely wife Karri, my son Zachary, and mom Janet. I think I got everyone, if I forgot anyone I'm sorry—you know your help was very much appreciated.

—Jeff Allen