An AM only jam is a rarity in BMX—if not even entirely non-existent. So safe to say, Tip Plus‘ HAM-AM Jam is a unique event. With the jam quickly approaching this Saturday, November 29th, we caught up with Tip’s Rich Hirsch to get all the details for the event and shot some photos of all the obstacles that you can look forward to sessioning. Keep in mind that besides the jam rail/ledge setup, the remaining rails and grind boxes seen here will be arranged differently come the day of the jam. With a day full of riding, prizes, and the premiere of the new Stranger video, this is guaranteed to be a fun day and one you don’t want to miss if you’re anywhere near the SoCal area.

What sparked the idea of an all AM contest?
It just seemed like the natural thing to do considering there are many more amateur riders then there are pros.

How important do you think it is to support the next generation of riders coming up?
I think it is the most important thing we can do considering these riders are the only reason we are in business.

How is the jam going to run?
The first part of the day will be open practice then we are going to run the contest in jam format in two sections. First it will be everyone going down the rail then we will change the direction to everyone going up the rail about half way through. A winner will be crowned for each section and we will be giving out smaller prizes and trophies to select shredders, as well.

Any potential for it to become a series?
Yes, this will be an annual series at our warehouse. So if you don't make it out this year there's always 2015.

Will pros get a chance to ride at all during the day?
This is really geared towards letting the non-pros shine as far as the contest goes. If you don't get paid to ride then you are eligible to enter. We will also have obstacles set up in a different area for people to ride that don't want to ride in the contest so there is room for everyone.

Any confirmed pros who will be there?
I'm sure good portions of the Stranger, Lotek, and Primo teams will be around.

Will there be other stuff to ride besides the jam setup?
Yeah we have a bunch of different rails and ledges that will be setup for non-contest riders in a separate area.

There's no entry fee, but is there anything else required for riders to enter? And what about for riders under 18?
Yes, we will have waivers on site for people to fill out.

Are there any specific dudes who you're excited to see ride?
I’m most excited to see new people ride that I've never heard of, there are so many great riders these days that are completely unknown.

Is there a prize purse?
There are trophies and prize packages containing product from all the brands we distribute (Primo, Lotek, Stranger, Cult, Federal, Fly, BSD, Merritt, and more.) No actual cash though, that's for Pro contests.

The new Stranger video will be premiering at dusk. I was out with Sean Ricany getting last minute clips over the past few days and I know his part is going to be heavy. But who else can we expect to see full parts from?
The whole team is up in this one, Eric Lichtenberger, Sean Ricany, Caleb Quanbeck, Gabe Brooks, Miles Rogoish, and Augie Simoncini along with a few new AMs.

HAM-AM Jam, Saturday, 11/29, 10AM-dusk
2677 El Presidio St, Long Beach, CA, 90810

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