This is the second officially-unofficial Jam that Habitat.BMX is having in Charlottesville, Virginia and it is scheduled to take place on Saturday October 14. Just like last time, the jam is free and the guys at Habitat.BMX have a ton of free giveaways planned. At the first Jam they gave out about $3000 dollars worth of stuff and Justin Holt from Habitat.BMX told me that they had even more stuff planned for the second jam. He also told me that about 75 people showed up for the last one, so this one could be even bigger which means that it will be a lot of fun. There is no entry fee but you have to wear helmets and pads because the park requires them to ride now. Just show up with your bike and ride!


Charlottesville is in the northern part of Virginia, an hour northwest of Richmond so it is not that far for people in Pennsylvania or the DC/Maryland areas.

For more info you can email Justin at [email protected]
Check Habitat’s Web site for more information on the jam. The address is
You can also check in the upper right hand “Related” column for the link to information on the last jam to get a better idea of what it’s about.