Justin Holt from Habitat, BMX sent me an e-mail announcing an unofficial/official jam on Saturday July 22nd in Charlottesville, Virginia.The jam is free and the guys at Habitat are calling it, “BMX The Way It Should Be”

There is no entry fee and no pads or helmet are required to ride. Just show up with your bike and ride! The Habitat, BMX crew will be walking around all day with big boxes of prizes from folks like Little Devil, Profile, Kink, Props, Trend Bike Shop, Camp Three, FBM, Mutiny, Allied, and more. They’ll be giving stuff to people who are shredding it up and to folks who eat it.

The Charlottesville park is rad. It has a nice street course with good transitions and a jump box, a mini with a spine, and a flatland area. All the ramps are covered with Skatelite and the pavement is really smooth.

The vibe at the park is rad, too. Most of the time when riders show up they take the place over. The bladers, skaters, and kids just stand back and watch. Please keep in mind that this is a city run park, which means that the guys at Habitat have no city approval for this jam.

Charlottesville is in the northern part of Virginia, an hour northwest of Richmond so it is not that far for people inPennsylvania or the DC/Maryland areas.

Justin is working on a flyer and a Web site for this jam that will include more info and directions. He told me to let everyone know that they can e-mail him personally at [email protected] or call him at the Habitat house (336.333.2860).

Check Habitat’s Web site for more information on the jam.