Rob Darden, Josh Harrington, and Ryan Nyquist all moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, earlier this year.After six months, the crew was ready to head back to Greenville, North Carolina. The crew planned on hitting spots the whole way back to the East Coast, so I tagged along to shoot photos of the action. Below are a few of the photos the trip produced, along with a few facts about the trip.

Salt Lake City to Greenville Road Trip Facts

1. When this trip was originally planned, I was supposed to fly into Salt Lake at 10:30am, shoot a couple things in town, and then get on the road immediately. Yeah, right. I showed up on time, but we didn’t get on the road until 7:30pm. That’s just the way road trips work

2. The Greenville crew planned to throw all of their stuff in Ryan’s truck and Josh’s car, but there was no way to fit everything. After running through countless scenarios, the crew decided to make things simple by renting a U-haul trailer for the trip.

The crew packing all of the essential gear before the trip began.  credit: Mark Losey

3. A good amount of riding went down on the trip, but it paled in comparison to the hours spent driving. Everyone took turns, and we generally ended every drive at a Motel 6 around 3am.

4. We rode two parks in Denver, one slippery as hell, and one dope as hell. Both parks had “No Pegs” painted everywhere, but no one seemed to care. Troy McMurray was happy to demonstrate that you don’t need pegs to shred a park anyway.

Nyquist, un-lookback at a Denver masterpiece.  credit: Mark Losey

5. In Kansas City we got a private session at Hardcore Sports, and then got to ride an outdoor park with Phil Wasson. The outdoor park looked incredible, but the builders must have been drunk when they made the coping stick out beyond belief. Still, Phil ruled the place—surprise, surprise.

6. Every time Josh and Darden spotted an empty field next to a parking lot they got excited. Why? So they could break out their remote-controlled airplanes. While at the outdoor Kansas City park Josh flew his plane straight into the ground twice, and then got it stuck about 20 feet up a tree.

Darden, 360 X-up over the street spine at Ramp Riders in St. Louis.  credit: Mark Losey

7. In St. Louis we spent most of our time at Ramp Riders, one of the best indoor parks you’ll find. After the park session we went downtown to watch Josh rule the rails at the arch. Keep you eyes on Josh—the guy is blowing up.

8. By the time we got to Nashville, everyone was getting pretty tired. We went downtown to see Josh go crazy again, and that was it. I hopped on a plane back to California while the rest of the crew drove on to Greenville.

Josh, jump-over grind in Denver.  credit: Mark Losey