Friday Interview: Top Fives of 2011 With Tom Dugan

With the end of the year quickly approaching, we took the opportunity to change up the Friday interview a little and get some of Tom's top fives instead. He had a pretty interesting year, with some big sponsor changes, world travel, and plenty of shenanigans along the way, and from the sounds of it, 2012 should be more of the same.

Interview and photography: Jeff Zielinski

A wild child tries to sneak up on a wild beast...

Five places you traveled to:

Five spots you've ridden:
Street in Ecuador
The new addition at T-1
Austin's new downtown park
Matt Beringer's yard

Lazy one-handed 360.

Five riders you were stoked on:
Matt Houck
Jared Swafford
Sergio Layos
Nathan Williams
Joe Rich

Five albums:
I haven't listened to that many albums…
The soundtrack from the movie Drive
A lot of Arcade Fire
Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros

Tom wraps up a line with a ledge nosey.

Five video sections:
Dennis Enarson, Demolition, Last Chance
Tom Smith, Empire, Bad Idea (well in the video that played at the premier)
Drew Bezanson Props, Owned
Aaron Ross, Empire, Bad Idea
Joseph Frans' bio in Props

Five contests you rode in:
Nike's The Pool
Odyssey's Texas Toast Jam
Warriors of Wood
Etnies' King of Skatepark
Revenge of Dirt in Ecuador

Five things you couldn't travel without:
Scooby Doo lunch pail for all of my toiletry stuff
Dental floss--I'm addicted!
More than one pair of shoes
iPod/something to check email with

Tom pounds the pavement in search of pizza.

Five best reasons to stay home:
Motorcycle cruising
All the homies at the house, talkin' sh-t and playing hacky sack
Changing my clothes about four or five times a day
Felix, my three-legged cat
Going to the movies and yoga on the regular

Five biggest wastes of time:
Deciding what to eat
Sleeping in

Five favorite tricks to do:
360 lookbacks
Oppo 3s
No-foot can-can one-handers
Nac-nac seat grabbers

Five things to look forward to in 2012:
Signature Fit frame and bars
Being on etnies pro team
Filming for the Fit video
Driving around my new '83 Saab
Enjoying every single day

Nac-nac seatgrabber--it's one of Tom's favs.