Name: Tony Neyer
Age: 26
Location: Long Beach, California
Sponsors: Verde, Primo, Dan's Comp, Etnies, The Trip

Interview and photos by Jeff Zielinski

You've been on Verde for two months now and judging from how you've been riding lately, I'd say you've adjusted well to your new bike. How is everything else going with them so far?
Everything at Verde has been going great and my bike has been amazing. I've been riding the Yeagle 21.2" frame, which is more of a trails frame, but has been great on street for me. Other than that we're just planning trips for next year and seeing where we want to go.

You also just got added to the heavy team roster of Dan's Comp, and I hear they have some big plans…
Yes sir, I am super stoked to be added to the team. Dan's has a bunch of stuff planned for the team in 2012, which is going to be awesome since the team is stacked with my homies—ain't nothing better than traveling with friends.


You're on to the second versions of the Aneyerlator stem and sprocket; do you have anything else in the works with Primo?
Yeah, the stems and sprockets turned out amazing and I couldn't be happier with them. I went to Primo the other day and Nate [Moroshan] had a bunch of dope projects going on so it looks like they are about to drop a bunch of new stuff.

I feel like you've gained a better appreciation for different filmer's style over the years. Do you think there's a chemistry (for lack of a better word) when you get to work with a filmer who pairs well with your style of riding?
Absolutely, I usually work with videographers who mainly shoot [Sony] VX [SD footage] cause that's what I grew up filming with. Guys like Miles Rogoish, [Tony] Ennis, Will Stroud, Tony Malouf, and [Chad] Shack motivate the shit out of me. I've known these dudes forever so the vibes that are in the air are always meeching. It's all about working with people that make you feel confident and comfortable.

Speaking about Miles Rogoish and Tony Ennis, what's the latest with The Trip?
The Trip just released their new line of shirts that turned out sick. Also,the website has been blasting thanks out to all the homies on the team straight killin' it. Miles and Ennis are always filming and I know there's talk of another promo for early this year—which you know will be fire.

No, this isn't opposite, it's just the reflection of Tony gapping a hard 180 off the center kink from a double pegger.

For the last couple of years you've been crashing off and on in Long Beach, (mostly on Aaron Bostrom's couch). But you've actually been paying rent for the last few months at the OSS house. Do you see Long Beach as a semi permanent thing?
Long Beach has been like my second home since I was 20. It's so nice to finally have a place to call my own in Cali. I love Cincy [Cincinnati, Ohio], though, so I don't know if this will ever be fully permanent—home's home.

What are some of your favorites things about living here?
How friendly everyone is, the restaurants, bars, bike lanes, coffee shops, and Jenn.

Tony is stepping up his crook game.

I think one of the perks of living in Long Beach is that you can survive without a car—like you've been doing. How has using your bike as your main source of transportation affected your riding in general?
It's given me that little kid feel on my bike again—like when I was 15. My bike feels better than it ever has just because I'm on it everyday all day.

Would you consider yourself to be Cherry Park local at this point? Can you describe Cherry Park for our readers?
Cherry Park has a skateboard only street park. It's really just a flat concrete space with some ledges and rails. It's nothing sweet, but over the years of riding it has turned into one of my favorite parks. The skaters there used to be gnarly, but over the years they have really calmed down due to riders like Eric L., Aaron Bostrom, B-Dubs [Ben Ward], Shawn McIntosh, myself, and other LB locals who have made bikes more accepted. If you live in Long Beach you're a local everywhere.

Here's Tony mid way through a trifecta combo. Click the photo to see the rest.

While a lot of BMX riders are getting into motorcycles, you want a scooter. Care to elaborate…
Cheaper [laughs]. I don't know… I don't want anything sweet, I just want to be able to look for spots faster. I can't get a car just yet so this seems like the next best option. I do also want a motorcycle, I'm just waiting until I can afford another hobby, ya know?

This is the last interview I'm doing this year because it'll be 2012 in a couple days. Do you have any plans or aspirations for the New Year?
Just to travel and ride as much as possible. This past year was so much fun—between trips to the upper peninsula of Michigan with Brian Kachinsky, living at the Fiend house in San Diego, and moving to Long Beach. Now with Verde and Dan's in the mix I can't even imagine what this year's going to bring—yeeewwwww!

Peep my Facebook page or my [email protected] TonyNeyer to stay up on the stuff we're getting' into this year. We also about to drop my Dan's welcome to the team edit that's going to be a collaboration with Verde and Primo. Miles and I just finished filming it this week and it's straight heat. I can't wait for you guys to meech it.