Keeping it simple this week, we've asked Garrett to list his top threes. Anything from his favorite foods to make to his favorite spots outside the States to his responses to the average security guard. Plus, we have four wild and mostly unseen photos…

People to ride with:
1. Colin Varanyak.
2. JJ Palmere.
3. Ty morrow.

Spots in the States:
1. White flat rails in New Jersey.
2. Tulsa Court house.
3. Brooklyn 11 rails in San Diego.

Spots outside the States:
1. Macba museum in Barcelona.
2. Bercy in Paris.
3. Metal step ledges in Barcelona by the Mediterranean Sea.

A feeble-to-manual bar of the forward variation…on a rail. Photo: Fudger

Favorite places you've been:
1. Barcelona.
2. Paris.
3. Moscow.

Places you'd like to go to:
1. Anywhere new in Spain.
2. Tenerife, Canary Islands.
3. Shenzhen, China.

People to chill with:
1. Steve Croteau.
2. Tony Neyer.
3. Chris Marshal.

Meals to cook yourself:
1. Chicken, home fries, and broccoli.
2. Salmon, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts.
3. Tacos.

Meals to buy:
1. Melting Pot.
2. Steak and fries from Counterpoint.
3. Marinated chicken breast from Grant's Market Place.

180-to-backwards feeble-to-backwards manual (with distance)-to-fakie bar. Is this fucked? Yes.

1. Switch whip.
2. Hanger.
3. Barspin.

Favorite riders of all time:
1. Mike Aitken.
2. Van Homan.
3. Ruben Alcantara.

Favorite riders right now:
1. Nathan Williams.
2. Dakota Roche.
3. Alex Kennedy and Dan Lacey.

Bar-to-crook-180 while on a Cinema SoCal trip. Photo: Fudger

Favorite video parts of all time:
1. Van Homan in Criminal Mischief.
2. Steven Hamilton in Trafaelio.
3. Brian Wizmerski Wide Awake Nightmare.

Three web videos you remember (hah):
1. Federal Ty and Lacey edit in London.
2. AK’s left overs/lost footage.
3. Josh Harrington's Premium video.

Photos you had on your wall:
1. Van rail manual in Philly by City Wall.
2. Mike Aitken’s Wallride table from a Vans ad.
3. Kevin Porter curve wall to whip from Road Fools 12.

Go-to responses to security guards/cops:
1. "My bad."
2. "Can I get 10 minutes?"
3. “Haha. We know, sorry about that.”

1. Tony Ennis.
2. Ryan Navazio.
3. Mile Rogoish.

Maybe you think this 180 bar isn’t all that popped, but then I can just imagine your eyes widen up when I tell you that Garrett is nollie-180-bar’n this massive set. Photo: Fudger

1. Rob Dolecki.
2. Jeff Zielinski.
3. Chris Marshal and Kevin Connors.

Worst things about flying:
1. Getting nice and stiff before a trip.
2. Turbulence.
3. Potentially dying that day.

Best things about owning Fiend:
1. Getting to see finished product after all the work we put into it.
2. Seeing kids that are hyped on our stuff.
3. Working with friends.

Things you'll do after the Deadline video comes out:
1. Celebrate.
2. Relax.
3. Repeat.