I've never been on trip with David. Hell, I can't even remember the first time we met or when we've really hung out, but it's always straight to the jokes like we've been friends for years. Despite being one of the biggest rail slayers, David's demeanor off the bike couldn't be more chill. No worries, no complaints, and only in search for the next good time… —Ryan



Thug life. Photo: Fudger

Friday Interview: David Grant

Age: 23
Hometown: Muncie, Indiana
Current Residence: Earth
Sponsors: BSD, Almond Footwear, Albe's, Dub, The Gully Factory, Operativ

So you were just in California a bit before Shitty came in and swept you off your feet to Oregon. What were you doing out in Cali and what sweet-nothings did Shawn whisper in your ear to get you to go Oregon with him?
The time in California was just to grab a few clips I've been thinking on for a while. While on recent BSD trip to Puerto Rico, Devin [Fiel] was shooting photos for us and had showed me a few things he'd found and would be into shooting around his area, so I got a one way out. And the Oregon trip is to "teach" a BMX camp at a park named Windell's. Fast, easy money in between road trips.



I think he cleared it. Photo: Zielinski


You and Shawn have been boys since the Coalition days. How would you describe Shitty to someone who's never met him?
He's a character. People seem to think he's super wild, and granted at times he is. But, it's generally when there's a party atmosphere or there's homies around that need a laugh. But when it's just us cruising or living on the road he's pretty introverted. I am, too, and I think that's why it works over a long time frame.

Tony Malouf guest question: You ever banged a girl who rides?
A girl who rides what?

Shawn McIntosh guest question: What are you up to at this very moment?
Eating chips and salsa in the mountains of Oregon without a thing to do.

Your bike is looking more like an art project than a BMX bike these days. Is it an on-going collection? What's your favorite sticker/addition?
[Laughs] cheers, it's taken awhile to fill it out. My favorite sticker would have to be the "FLOURIDE: Poison in the Tap Water" one I found at my hometown plaza. People don't know a thing about their water.



You've made it no secret that you're not much of a fan of Muncie, Indiana…you got plans to get out of there permanently?
I think everyone kind of hates where they're from. I'm pretty much on the road 4/5th’s of the time anyway, but I can't stay away from my family for too long so that's what brings me back. Though, if they all moved around, I'd just visit them, not Muncie.



Ice. Photo: Zielinski


Shawn McIntosh guest question: What's it like being taller than everyone else?
It's chill. It's got its ups and downs

Shawn McIntosh guest question: How much do you love the gypsy lifestyle you live?
I wouldn't have it any other way…at least at this point. Nothing is better than leaving somewhere. On to the next, ya know? Always more to be seen.

You've become super health conscious—stretching, eating well, drinking water—how'd that come about and for what reasons?
It started probably five or so years ago when my sister got really ill due to celiac disease. After that, my whole family changed our eating habits. Since I hurt my back, I had to pay a lot more attention to my body and what it was telling me. And it came relatively full circle when Joey Motta introduced me to the freshest water and getting boosted off of super foods.



Pegs pegs pegs. Photo: Zielinski


Pretty sure you said the hamburger I was eating was going to ferment in my stomach. Is that scientific fact?
Yeah [laughs]. The bread will digest all fast and the meat will sit there and rot.

Tony Malouf guest question: Ever had gluten free pizza for breakfast?
Never too early for pizza.

Reed Stark guest question: What do you put in a typical smoothie?
For a while I would put literally any fruit, veg, seed, nut or powder, but I've been hearing a little about how you shouldn't eat certain foods with others because of the way your stomach breaks them down. So now I'm pretty much all one fruit or all one veg at a time in a smoothie, plus Rawr protein powder



Feeble gap. Photo: Zielinski


Your signature BSD frame dropped recently. What was the design process like?
The design process was more or less trying to remember my favorite aspects of frames I've ridden in the past mixed with Grant Smith's input on strength and things I didn't know about [laughs].

Reed Stark guest question: What's your favorite clip you've filmed for the BSD Raider frame promo?
There's a double peg down a twenty something in Barca with a wall right after it. Alex D and I both thought I'd have time to slow down a ton before it, but I was going so fast that I flipped straight head over heels. I don’t know…it's cooler if you see it [laughs].

Reed Stark guest question: How many Snapchats do you send daily?

Reed Stark guest question: What's your view on Tinder?
Probably your quickest way to get a sexually transmitted disease.

Reed Stark guest question: Could you see yourself permanently living in a country outside of America?
Absolutely. That's the goal.

Reed Stark guest question: Name the three best and three worst things about Puerto Rico…
Best: waterfalls, cliff diving, and the locals. Worst: mosquitos, the food, and the undertow.

Who was your favorite rider growing up? Who tops the list these days?
Growing up was definitely Edwin, I was just watching a dude do all the stuff I wanted to do and it looked like he wasn't trying, either. These days I'd say AK, Ty, Alex Donnachie, Reed Stark, Chase D, Josh Harrington, Craig Passero, and Shitty.



Abandoned golf course feeble. Photo: Zielinski


Who's your favorite filmer that's not Tony Malouf?
[Laughs]. I'd say Dave Sowerby. Just filmed a bit with John Hicks, too, and that was super fun. Love a filmer who you can tell is psyched to be doing what we're out doing

A year or two back you had quite a sponsor shuffle going on: Coalition, Sputnic, Lotek, Stranger, etc… Are you at a point now where you're happy with everyone you ride for?
Yeah transitional periods are always confusing, and when things aren't going the way you want them to, it can get frustrating. I'm definitely happy with my line up these days. People aren't making empty promises, trips don't feel weird, motivation is high, everyone's family, and we've got things on the horizon.

What's your response when a girl asks you what you do for a living?
Ooft. Worst question. I just say I ride bikes and travel. They don't get it, and then I give them an ugly look.



Feeble turned ghost feeble. Photo: Fudger


Shawn McIntosh guest question: Plans for the summer?
If everything goes to plan I'll be floating around Europe. Need to make it to Belgium, on down to France, and then back to Barca.

Tony Malouf guest question: You ever thought about getting circumcised?
Hell no, fool. Evolution decides how much skin my penis has, not some crusty old doctor.

Reed Stark guest question: How many gin and tonics do you drink during flights?
Po up 'til I thro up.

Any thanks?
My Mom, Grant, Rachel and Dave at BSD, Malouf, Paul at Almond, Dane and Flip at Albe’s, Dub Jack, Josh Suhre at Operativ, Motta for the all the Rawr, and Ry for being keen on this interview.