For Immediate ReleaseFLY Racing is stoked to announce the signing of Felt Bicycle’s Paulie Lange through the 2004 race season. FLY has worked with Paulie over the last year and we are very excited to continue a relationship with him as he puts his mark in the pro ranks. Look for Paulie to be wearing FLY racing’s 2004 208 race pant, 208 gloves, and FLY Lite II Carbon/Kevlar Helmet as he makes to the top of the podium, which he has done in almost every pro event he has entered so far. Plus, after tearing up the A-pro class and taking home an ABA A-Pro and Pro Cruiser World Title, we offer Paulie a big CONGRATULATIONS as he made the move to AA pro. “The Future of BMX…”, we’ll see so enough as Paulie’s first race against the AA Big Dogs will be Reno NV for the Black Jack Nationals August 30 & 31. Also, don’t forget that very soon the ABA will be sending out ballots for the 2003 Golden Crank year end awards. Please keep Paulie in mind for the Rookie of the Year Award. Paulie’s sponsors include Felt Bicycles/FLY Racing/Tangent/Sharp/Shimano.

In other exciting FLY Racing news – FLY Racing would also like to congratulate Staats Bicycles Mike Day, Phantom Bikes Donny Robinson, Crupi’s Ian Stoffel who all had outstanding weekend’s at the 2003 X-Games Downhill BMX. This was the biggest BMX track in history and Mikey showed his amazing skills as he pulled down the fourth fastest qualifying time. After winning his semi main, Mikey came down the hill for an impressive 3rd place podium finish behind Brandon Meadows and Kyle Bennet. Donny was also FLYn’ at the X-Games and is the first racer to ever compete CLIPPED IN! Many thought DR was crazy…they were right, but Donny was out to prove to everyone he could do it. I think he did but an unfortunate ball up and crash in his semi main and consolation main would hand Donny the overall 14th place for the weekend. Ian was also FLYn’ and proved himself by setting the third fastest qualifying time down the hill. After a crash in his quarter, chalk up a still impressive overall 17th for the weekend. FLY Racing would like to congratulate all riders who compete in this X-Games especially Brandon Meadows for winning his second Gold Medal.

Catch the X-Games BMX Downhill in the tube at:
-The qualifying races will be on ESPN2 Monday August 18th 9-11 pm ET (6-8 PT)

-The finals will be on ESPN2 Tuesday August 19th 9-11 pm ET (6-8 PT)
Be sure to check Donny Robinson sporting the helmet camera for the guys at ESPN.

While I am throwing out all these congratulations I must include Staats’s Bicycles Joey Bradford and Clayborn Bicycle’s Barry Nobles. In case you hadn’t heard, both of these riders made the trip to “the Land Down Under” for the UCI World’s. Joey brought home a UCI World Title in the 14 boys class and Barry did the same in the 17 & over men class. Way to go guys!

Once again, congrats to all these FLY sponsored riders and be sure to check out all the new 2004 FLY Race Wear at