FISE World Chengdu has officially come to end, but our feature coverage is just getting started. Here’s a taste of what to expect… The pro park qualifying event. Qualifying was wild, and things really got out of hand during Sundays Finals. Some of the top podium riders from FISE Montpellier got the pre-qualification wave, so although this is a group of heavy-hitters competing to qualify, it’s not the complete group of savages who rode semi-finals and finals.

Finals also held a Best Trick competition (that didn’t count towards their runs), and shit got BUCK!!!! Expect that to be up on the site soon, as well as an over-all recap from semi-finals and finals, featuring  all of the dudes.

In case you missed the live feed of finals, check out the podium replays, full results, & FISE’s official description of finals below.


1st Daniel Dhers, replay:
2nd Logan Martin, replay:
3rd Jake Leiva, replay:

1 – Daniel Dhers
2 – Logan Martin
3 – Jake Leiva
4 – Drew Bezanson
5 – Daniel Sandoval
6 – Kostya Andreev
7 – Paul Thoelen
8 – Daniel Wedemeijer
9 – Mike Varga
10 – Alex Nikulin
11 – Tom Van Den Bogaart
12 – Kenneth Tancre
Daniel Dhers was unbeatable today in Chengdu China for the second stage of the 2015 Fise World Serie. Two perfect runs filled with his heavy tricks (720 corkscrew condor, 270 double whip down the step up hip) and his very well known and smooth routine were enough to put enough a serious mental pressure of his friendly rivals Daniel  Sandoval (5th) and Logan Martin (2nd) who won the best trick with a flip bus to whip.
Surprising Jake Leiva is completing the podium with some very consistent run and a nosewheelie to 360 that he never missed during the week end. Feeling better than Saturday, Drew Bezanson put on a show with a big icepick to footjam to drop bus on the wall while the rest of the finalists were also riding better than never.
Russian Konstantin Andreev powers his riding to 6th place with a remarquable double whip to footjam whip, Paul Thoelen (7th) made everything look so easy and different with his goofie footwork.
His mate from the 040 park in the nederlands, Daniel Wedemeijer  (8th) pulled again a burly move with a wall to manual on top…of the wall.
Talking  of big tricks, Mike Varga (9th) was not bad either with a perfect and high cashroll while Alex Nikulin is probably enjoying his High Air prize right now with his russians mate. Indeed, the Fise in Chengdu is now over and everyone is hitting to the city to celebrate a perfect Sunday where bmx gathered a big crowd, not only for the pros but also for the 4 girls competing in front of an enthusiast Catfish, just before a beautiful sunset…This is what Fise is about. From amateur to the top pros, passion is unlimited.