FISE World is really doing the whole “Action Sports World Tour” thing right, and one great part of that is the Best Trick comp. Although it didn’t count towards their run, each rider was given the chance to give two attempts at a best trick. Logan Martin came out on top with a flip bar-to-whip, followed by Mike Varga who did his second ever cashroll… First try. It was awesome to see guys sending stuff well after scored two tries.. simply for the love of it.

Sun Voyager  – “Black Angel”


1st Daniel Dhers, replay:
2nd Logan Martin, replay:
3rd Jake Leiva, replay:

1 – Daniel Dhers
2 – Logan Martin
3 – Jake Leiva
4 – Drew Bezanson
5 – Daniel Sandoval
6 – Kostya Andreev
7 – Paul Thoelen
8 – Daniel Wedemeijer
9 – Mike Varga
10 – Alex Nikulin
11 – Tom Van Den Bogaart
12 – Kenneth Tancre