Felix Prangenberg‘s WeThePeople Pathfinder video is going to knock you over the head this Thursday, but until then, here’s a little primer with some quick questions and a couple photos of Felix from his last venture out to California.

Questions: Paul Robinson / Photos: Jeff Zielinski

When was the last time you looked at your phone? 
I’m on my phone right now to write this.

What was your first tattoo and where? 
My first tattoo was my globe/sprocket with “pedaling forward” on my forearm.

At what age did you first start riding?
I rode a bicycle for the first time when I was about two years old. I got my first mountain bike when I was five and my first BMX when I was about six years old. At the age of six or seven I was also racing mountain bike in the Junior class, but I got bored pretty quick and decided that BMX is way cooler and it all went from there.

What is the meaning or history behind the name Prangenberg? 
I have no idea [laughs]. There is a super small village not far from where I'm from which is called Prangenberg and we assume that we originate from there, but no one really knows.

If you could eat one food forever what would it be?
That’s an easy one. Pizza!

Fine wines or dirty ales?
I really like wine, but I go with the dirty ales!

Most influential rider for you?
There are so many good riders and awesome people that I look up to and I'm a big fan of their riding styles. I've always been a big Mike Aitken fan, especially of his Part in Odyssey's Electronical DVD—which always got me hyped to go ride and still does just because he rode everything and made everything look so good. Garrett Reynolds has always been a big inspiration and motivation for me, as well as Dennis Enarson, Simone Barraco, Dakota Roche, Nathan Williams, Bruno Hoffmann, Max Geartig, Chase Dehart, Chase Hawk. Also, all my friends I ride with on the daily basis influence my riding.

Most exciting new AM?
Tom Weikert. Watch out for him!

How fast can you run 100 metres? 
I don't know. I never took part in the gym class in school. I definitely can not run fast and when I do, I get stitches in the side after 50 metres [laughs].

How many hours sleep per night? 
At least 7-8 hours or I'm grumpy all day.

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