You got to see Federal‘s Anthony Perrin and Michal Smelko get to work in the latest Source BMX LOCK IN yesterday, now here’s your chance to get all details on Anthony’s bike he rode during the filming. And speaking about filming, apparently Federal is working on a new DVD, keep reading…

Sponsors: Federal, Vans, Red Bull, Oakley, DUB, Marie Jade

Frame: Federal Perrin, 20.75"
Forks: Federal 22 Forks
Bars: Federal Drop, 9"
Grips: Cult Ricany
Stem: Federal Element
Headset: Federal
Seat: Federal Mid
Seatpost: Federal Tripod
Cranks: Federal Vice, 165mm
BB: Federal
Pedals: Federal Contact
Sprocket: Federal BBS guard sprocket
Chain: Shadow Supreme Interlock
Wheels: Federal Stance wheels, 9T, RHD freecoaster
Tires: Federal Response, 2.5"
Pegs: Federal, 4.5"

How's it going? Where are you at currently and what are you up to?
I'm doing good. I'm in Barcelona since a week. We've been filming with the boys for the Federal DVD. I'm gonna stay here one or two more month to stay away from the bad weather and hopefully film some stuff meanwhile and just ride everyday!

How's filming going for the Federal full-length?
It's going well I would say! It’s definitely cool and motivating for sure. I feel like everyone got a lot of motivation for this one. It's the first time I'm filming for a full-length video, too. So I'm really excited!

SOURCE BMX just dropped your split LOCK IN part with Michael Smelko. How was it filming for that? Was it your first time at the park?
It was definitely a fun week. Yeah, it was my first time there so I was stoked. I was just a bit scared after all that craziness from Battle Of Hastings [laughs]! Also chilling with Lacey in his hometown was cool!

Ok, bike stuff… How do you like your personal ride set up and feeling?
Nothing too crazy, just a bit lower tire pressure and I cut my bars down a bit.

What parts do you normally keep the longest? Do you have anything sentimental on there?
Last time I changed stuff I had a whole new bike so it’s nothing too sentimental or old. But I usually keep my stem, sprocket, and sometimes wheels for a long time.

You ride the Federal Stance wheel set with the wider style rims. How do you find them?
I feel like they really strong and I like the way they look, too. Just a simple shape and a bit bigger.

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