Hopefully by now you already saw the Smelko/Perrin LOCK IN at the Source Park with Michal Smelko‘s outrageous tech ender. And here’s your chance to peep the ride he go it done on…

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 70 KG's
Location: Prague
Sponsors: Federal Bikes, TBB Bike, Rufus BMX

Frame: Federal Perrin, 20.75"
Forks: Federal 22 Forks
Bars: Federal Drop, 9"
Grips: Cult Ricany
Stem: Federal Love
Headset: Federal
Seat: Federal Mid
Seatpost: Federal Tripod
Cranks: Federal Vice, 165mm
BB: Federal
Pedals: Federal Contact
Sprocket: Federal BBS guard sprocket
Chain: Shadow Supreme Interlock
Wheels: Federal Stance wheels, 9T, RHD freecoaster
Tires: Federal Response, 2.5"
Pegs: Federal, 4.5"

You're currently in Barcelona filming for the Federal video. How's it been?
It’s been much fun. Always nice to come back here—and even more with the squad. The boyz have been smashing shit up, partying a bit, and chilling. I hurt my foot though, so I'm gonna chill for a bit.

Do you still live there for some of the year?
It’s more like I am always trying to escape for the winter most of the time. Summer time back home is just amazing, the winter sucks though.

How was it being in Hastings to film for your split LOCK IN part with Perrin at the Source park?
So hyped I got to visit Hastings. The place is just amazing as it’s a seaside city. Sickest sunsets every time the sky was clear. And it was a pure laugh every day.

Let's talk bike… How do you like your personal ride set up and feeling?
My bike feels amazing at the moment. I love the black/white combo.

You do a lot of backward manual stuff. How long have you been on the coaster now?
To be honest I am not really sure exactly? It’s been probably something about five years I guess. I remember my friend rode a coaster when no one was really on that thing and I was so impressed with all of the different opportunities it actually opens up.

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